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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.02.08


Missing Kelly Monaco?  Well there may be some end to this drought.  RUMORS continue to suggest that Kelly's character Sam McCall may pop up on the primetime spin-off, Night Shift.  These RUMORS continue to say that Sam and Jagger Cates may mix it up in a chem test for the pair.  What about Sam's current boyfriend Lucky?  There are some RUMBLINGS that Lucky Spencer will also cross over but nothing official has been announced for either character. 

That job Jax offers Spinelli...its with his investment company and the corporate raider sweetens the deal by pointing out how close the Jackal will be to the Blonde Ones.  Will Spinelli be able to work for Jax and Stone Cold?  The Jackal requires some advice on the matter and turns to his legal counsel, Diane, who tells Spinelli to turn the offer down.

A little foreshadowing?  Of Course!  Remember when Maxie told Lulu she'll end up just like her mother? Well it looks like Maxie wasn't too far off with her prediction.  After Logan's death murder, Lulu is pretty close to having a nervous breakdown. 

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Family emergency?  RUMORS say Lucky and Elizabeth have a family emergency to tend to.  Is it the boys or in classic LL2 fashion, will the former spouses team up to help Lulu out?

Carly is gunning for Kate.  Not so fast Carly!  Kate has a plan to back you off.

RUMOR ALERT... I don't want to get Liason Fans hopes up but remember how Elizabeth was SUPPOSED to be Jason's alibi?  What if she is but can't come forward without exposing her relationship with Jason and POSSIBLY putting her boys in danger?  Is this why Jason needs Sonny to be his alibi?  Could be and remember RUMORS say Sonny refuses to be Jason's alibi.


Scrubs... they SHOULD be together and all legal drama behind them by the time Night Shift premieres.  Will they be living together by July 22nd?

RANDOM RUMORS...Was Irina Russian?  Is Sam getting a brother?  There are more Zacchara family secrets, is one of them Johnny's true paternity?  Spinelli's regrettably pink room won't be pink anymore.  ZaCrazy knows about Claudia's secrets.  Will daddy toorture daughter with all he knows?