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One Life to Live Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.02.08


Let's get the hard stuff over with and out the way... if you've done any digging or had any idea as to where things may be heading, you know I'm talking about Marty and Todd.  RUMORS are rampant with a wedding for the rapist and his victim.  Crazy, right?  Maybe not, as Luke and Laura (GH) had the love story to end all love stories after the rape at the Campus Disco.  For the new OLTL viewers, back in their college days, Marty was the victim of a "gang" rape led by Todd Manning.  Unlike Laura, Marty pressed charges and a big court trial storyline followed.  That rape changed Marty.  She became reckless and out of control.  Now flash forward to where we are today, Todd is divorcing Blair and feeding Marty his version of her life, will Marty fall in love with Todd?  It sure looks like this is the way Ron C. is headed. 

What about Cole?  It seems that the one time enemies, Cole and Todd, will team up to keep Starr's baby out of the adoption pool.  Will Cole go along with Todd's plans for Marty in order to keep his baby?  What happens when Marty's memory comes back and she realizes she's fallen for her rapist?  It looks like well into August, Marty and Todd are still sharing the screen.  As Tina, our DC podcaster put it, Todd and Marty's relationship will be built on a house of cards.  When Marty's memory returns (we all know it will) how fast will that house of cards come crumbling down?

Cain as a Prince?  RUMORS say Cain will pose as Prince Heinrich.  Carlo has plans for Tina and Talia.  One is the Princess of Mendorra, the other may become a Princess.  Back to Cain, is he nothing but a con man pulling one over on Mendorra?  Does Princess Tina know?

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We had the unabortion on AMC, will we see an unconception on OLTL?  RUMORS say there could be an attempt to stop David's Vicker's conception.

A new family is hitting Llanview.  Are they tied to Langston?  Hector, Maria and Elena are a colombian family possibly brought in by Clint.  He's looking for a way to take Dorian down a notch or two and what better way than to hit her through Langston.  Will Carlo know this family?  Why is Colombia popping up in the RUMORS?  We're hearing that Antonio MAY wind up in jail in the South American country as a way for Antonio to stay away from Talia. 


Sarah's going over the falls... will Christian watch?  Cord did when Tina went over.  How much of this classic storyline will be re-told?  Cord fell in love with Kate and it was during their wedding that an alive and well Tina returned. 

As always, thanks to Tina... she helps me so much with the OLTL Scoops!