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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was rather annoyed yesterday, when Carly went to Kate’s office and yammered on about Sonny getting cold feet. I’ve been taking Carly’s side in most of her scenes with Kate lately, but that one didn’t sit well with me. Until today. Today, her actions made sense to me (as much as Carly’s actions can make sense!!). Sonny messed with her by telling Jax to get a paternity test, so she’s going to mess with Sonny by putting evil thoughts in Kate’s head. That actually works for me. Titt for tatt.

After reading spoilers, I know that there’s something coming up involving Logan, but really why are they bringing it up now, and making him obsesses with Lulu again, when it’s been months, MONTHS since he and Lulu have had any scenes much less any involvement. You can’t tell me he’s been harbouring feelings and what not for her all this time. Geez, either write the story around the same time that the characters are involved or phase it in so that it makes some kind of sense when the story happens.

The clinic: Am I the only one finding all the scenes to be lame? Are they leaving stuff on the editing room floor? Nadine tells Layla to stop singing her praises to Nik. Did we see Layla sing Nadine’s praises to Nik and I missed it? Then, Nik’s just standing around the clinic, with apparently nothing and no other pressing business to deal with. He just happens to be there when Dr Hairy Annoying shows up, and just happens to be there when the Mayor shows up to biatch, then just happens to be there when the old woman collapses. That whole sequence just looked silly and contrived and the set itself doesn’t look like any clinic I’ve been in. It just seems to be all one big mess.

Something else coming out of thin air, Logan and Dr Annoying. So Hairy’s taking Devlin’s place in the counterfeit drug ring? Did we need a replacement?

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I loved the Maxie/Jason scenes because she totally takes no guff from him and I like SBu’ look of confusion and annoyance when he’s dealing with her. I love Spixie but I wish she’d realize that she feels more for him than just friendship. And I really don’t want Layla to start sniffing around Spinelli.

Is it just me, or has Claudia suddenly become obsessed with Jason? Why would a strong mob woman be that hung up on the fact that some guy doesn’t thank her for wiping his brow?