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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  07.03.08


Is Claudia responsible for Jason's arrest?  RUMORS say Claudia tells the cops that she saw Jason kill Logan.  These same RUMORS also say that it's Claudia and Johnny who dump the body at the clinic.  Remember I mentioned evidence that links the killing to Jason?  Is it possible that Claudia lifted something from Jason's PH and plants that as evidence?

I mentioned Claudia's secret coming out.  It looks like at sixteen, Claudia came up with a plan to seduce Trevor and show her father that Trevor Lansing can not be trusted and that he isn't loyal to the Zacchara family.  Obviously Claudia's plan back fired as Anthony knows and Claudia was the one banned from the Z house.  Remember, Anthony sent Claudia away at sixteen. Coincidence, I think not.  Is it a conversation with Daddy that has Claudia throwing herself at Sonny yet again?

Robin and Jason scenes?  That's the RUMOR.  The one time loves MAY be discussing children.  Is their convo about Robin's child or Jason's? Robin and Sonny scenes too.  The old friends discuss his wedding to Kate.

Logan's Murder... he goes after Maxie, knocks her out cold and Lulu sees it all from Johnny's apartment.  Everyone caught that plot point, right?  The one where Johnny pointed out he could see the Crimson offices from his apartment?  Next thing Lu knows, Logan's upon her.  SPOILERS say Johnny goes to the Crimson offices looking for Lulu and finds an unconscious Maxie instead.  Is Lulu stabbing Logan?  YES!  After Logan sees Lulu watching in fear, he calls her and tells her he can explain.  He'll go to the apartment but Lulu won't let him in. No problem, Logan grabs an ax and breaks the door down.  Lulu had a knife and dropped it but no worries she picks it up just in time for Logan to run right into it. Maxie and Johnny show up and compromise the evidence.  There is no clear cut way to prove Logan was killed in self defense.  (UH, he knocked the police commisioner's daughter out cold, isn't that proof enough?) Johnny's prepared to take the blame so Lulu needs an alibi and in a really stupid twist, Lulu and Maxie hit Kelly's to stage a fight. Claudia comes back to the apartment and helps Johnny.  She doesn't want him taking the fall for Lulu. Remember, Logan's last day alive is Monday.  We'll still see him courtesy of flashbacks.

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Paparazzi?  Looks like Jax and Kate get caught on film.  What are they doing?  Whatever it is, it doesn't look good. Apparently, Kate drops her ring while in a car with Jax on their way to a business function.  As she reaches across Jax to get her ring, the door opens and the cameras start flashing.  And wouldn't you know, Carly asks Spinelli to start digging up dirt on Kate.  Guess what's the first thing the Jackal comes across?

Dr. Saira Batra is one of the newbies over at Night Shift. She's a hollistic doc who happens to be a friend of Robin's from med school. She'll mix it up with Dr. Leo Julian and she hits PC with the intention of starting an alternative medicine program. Is NS picking up where GH dropped the ball? Robin's research was literally dropped off o ur screens.  Saira is being played by Azita Ghanizada.  The actress' credits include Veronica Mars, The Closer and Bones.


RANDOM RUMORS... Anthony wants Maxie grabbed??  Elizabeth is there when Jason and Robin discuss children.  Maxie spills the beans to Spinelli.  Patrick defends his baby's momma, momma.  Johnny is arrested for Logan's murder but so is Jason.  Apparently the PCPD can't decide on who suspect numero uno is.  Some say the MOC for Claudia was dropped, others say it's still coming.

Programming Note: GH is a repeat tomorrow for the holiday.  It's a re-airing of Anthony's trial.  Most likely, there will be no spoilers tomorrow also.  I have 10lbs of potato salad to make.  I hope everyone has a safe holiday!