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Young and Restless: MEGA Scoops and Spoilers

The Young and the Restless going back to its roots? What's with the partnerships? You decide with the dish I'm about to throw down!


Jack: Looks like that old feud between Jack and Victor’s going to heat up this summer. Apparently Smilin' Jack and Sabrina’s ex-lover from Paris Phillipe, will team up to bust the new Mrs. Newman on her past and it may just work and put a serious strain on the marriage. I wonder if  that Newman business partner of his will care what Jack’s up to.

David/Nikki/Paul/Victor: Remember I told you last week that Paul and Victor will be teaming up? I also hinted that it would be due to Nikki and it in fact is! Well Victor tries to get info from Nikki about her marriage but she’s not biting. Same goes for his elder kids, he tries to get them to talk on what’s going down with Nikki and her hubby (he tries today), and he gets zipped lips from them. He tries yet again and Victoria and Nick really mean business when they refuse to snitch on their mom, Slick Vic goes to P.I. Paul for some answers. Victor relays over to Paul what he dug up on David and it’s the same dirt that Paul got and Mr. Williams brings Victor up to speed on his own investigation and what’s happening now. The men decide to make a pact to spill on what they know about Nikki’s man, meanwhile Paul discovers that David’s former step daughter kicked the bucket by what appears to be a drug overdose and you know Paul doesn’t buy that after he finds out that she was to be married and David and his ex kin were in contact and lets Victor in on what he knows. This makes Victor very worried for his, “diamond in the rough,” and we already know what that means… Expect Victor to don his cape soon, Does anyone else besides me hear Mighty Mouse’s theme song? Meanwhile Skye comes back to town and she’s part of the poker game once again that Brad throws and this time David BOMBS big time!

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Speaking of Thunder Thighs *Hey Luke!* ;), he’s being a busy bee because he and Jill decide its time to become a tag team. What is up with those two? Why is it that the manicurist and the pool boy such haters? I wonder if this will promt Kay to find out if she's really her long lost little girl.  Jill should be worried about the next item…

Lily/Cane/Chloe: Now I hope ya’ll take heed in what I said about watching that heifer because she’s going after Cane with guns blazing! Cane goes out for a night on the town with a friend of his from Down Under and who should bump into them... CHLOE! She decides to feign knocking a few back but isn’t because she’s with child. WELL! Cane decides he’s going to get tanked and the next day Chloe makes him think they sweated up the sheets and she goes off to tell Lily (Is she taking lessons from Amber?). Cane tries to beat her to it but it’s too late and Lily ain’t trying to hear what the Chancellor heir has to say and she gives him the boot! Somehow Cane gets through to her later on and he tells Lily he’ll get Chloe to be axed from them and Jabot which only makes Chloe act like a woman scorned and vengeful to break those two lovebirds up. Now are we going to see the inner Dru in Lily come busting out FINALLY? Chloe really doesn’t know Jill and Kay does she?

Amber and Colleen are going to butt heads over Professor Korbel. I hope this leads to a catfight in the future..

Jeff/Gloria/Michael: They decide to make an alliance themselves. Word is that get this… Jeff and Glo want to take over JABOT! Isn’t that making anyone else laugh hard besides me?


Sabrina will die in a car crash

Adam will become the new bad boy of GC

David goes after Paul

Victor and Sabrina's marriage will end because of Nikki's