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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly/Claudia: Strange scene because, to me, Claudia came off very meek, which is not something we’ve seen from her before, and I found it interesting that Carly was reading between the lines. Claudia’s all, “blah, blah, blah” and Carly right away was all, “what did you do to put your brother in danger”. And, call me crazy, but for a split second, I thought Claudia would confess. But she didn’t.

Loved that Johnny freaked out at Lulu about Claudia. I get that Lulu doesn’t like Claudia, but bad mouthing her to her brother who loves her, just seems very rude everytime she does it. It’s like, I can bad mouth my siblings, but someone else can’t.

Line of the day:

Johnny to Lulu: “Where do you get off trashing my sister in front of my face?”

Anthony/Claudia: So, are they finally going there with the backstory of what happened to her as a teenager? Interesting line of the day:

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Anthony: “…… were a whore as a teenager”

Claudia: “I was 16 years old. You were the adult”

Ok, so, is that Anthony molested her, or someone else did and he didn’t stop it?

Kate/Diane/Alexis: I always like these three together. All three actresses work well together and they are believable as friends. I just wonder though, at one point will kate start listening to what everyone has been telling her about Sonny. Has anyone so far, thought the Skate marriage will be a resounding success??

Lulu/Maxie/Logan: I’ve got to give Josh Duhon credit. He’s taking crappy material and doing the best he can with it. When he first showed up at Crimson and he was all, “Lulu, we can still be together”, he was giving off such a creepy, obsessed abusive husband type vibe that it freaked me out. Hated seeing him abusing Maxie though. I did feel like Lulu didn’t react fast enough. She seemed to be standing there, watching everything unfold, for a very long time.