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ADONIS 2008 Week 2 Finals Results!!

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I'm back with this week's results so here we go!!


Week 2 of the Finals is over and week 3 has begun. But who was voted out and who is still in the running? That's what I'm here to tell ya!!

Soapy once again started the competition by going through each of the guys and reading comments from the viewers. Then he told us who was in the bottom 3 and who were safe this week.

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So who were the bottom 3 this week? Again it all came out of the wildcard picks. Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett - One Life to Live), Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless), and John-Paul Lavosier (Rex Balsom - One Life to Live) were the guys who ended up in the hot seat. However Soapy eased one fan bases fears when he sent Daniel Goddard back to safety.

He then did as he always does and stretched out the break between that and announcing who was getting the boot to the point of pulling our hair out. Then he finally broke the news that his very own favorite Mark Lawson had received the least amount of votes and was thus out of the competition. Now in his defense Mr. Lawson is new to the soap scene and managed not to be the first voted out so if he sticks around he should do a lot better in next years competition. But for now Lawson is out but JPL is safe.

Just remember one is safe in this competition, so if you want your favorite hottie to stay in it then you need to vote so check out for details.