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Bold and Beautiful: Designer in the Rough?

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So I'm catching up on my Bold and Beautiful in prep for this week's CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of the podcast and I'm paying special attention to Brandon Beemer's return when all of a sudden I find myself watching a young, unknown actor portraying a new character named Tim working at Forrester that has more than the perfunctory "yes sir, no sir" type lines.

The way Tim was so seamlessly introduced to Stephanie, when we've seen so little of Susan Flannery as of late, was almost over before I realized that there may be something to it.

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Could Tim have a connection to Stephanie? Why would the show make such a specific effort to make sure she knew him? Before Stephanie, Felecia and Thorne's arrival the new character had actual "input" in the style of Eric's design. That rarely, if ever, comes from anyone on the show without the last name Forrester or Logan. 

I'll be very curious to see whether or not we see more of Tim in the coming weeks and months or if this was just a blip on the radar of little importance.