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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu really is a dumb as a box or rocks, isn’t she? Actually, I think that’s an insult to a box of rocks. She sees what happens, runs to her phone, sees that she’s getting a call from Logan, answers it and stays put. First off, don’t answer the crazy man’s call. Second, don’t stick around when he’s telling you that he’s on the way. Third, CALL NINE ONE ONE. Don’t call Lucky, because, what will he do if he’s off duty. Don’t call Maxie, who’s passed out on the floor and likely won’t answer. I just wanted to smack her so badly.

Also, it’s a hotel/apartment building, why didn’t anyone hear Logan break down the door? And when Logan lets her go, instead of making a run for it, she stays, ‘to hear him out’. WTH??

Also, is it just me, or did Maxie come to rather quickly when Johnny found her. He just sort of shook her and boom, she’s awake.

Yes Carly, Kate has nothing better to do all day, but to try and ruin your relationship with Jax. Guh. Sometimes I hate Carly. Today, was one of those days. Instead of blaming Kate for everything including Elvis’s death, maybe she should ask herself what’s wrong with her marriage that Jax was in a position to kiss Kate.

And speaking of positions, how contrived was that limo scene at the end? Why couldn’t Jax reach around and get the ring? Why did Kate have to get down on her knees, to get it? It insulted my intelligence, but at the same time, I want to see Carly’s head explode when that picture hits the newspapers!

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Loved Jason putting Carly in her place. Line of the day:

Carly: “Kate kissed Jax”

Jason: “You had sex with Sonny. Which is worst?”

Kill me now, but I kind of, sort of, liked the Robin/Sonny scene. Considering she doesn’t know that Sonny knew Kate all those years ago, it would make sense for her to see his sudden marriage as him wanting to get away from what happened to Micheal. Scenes like that one make me tolerate Sonny, but that’s mostly Robin’s doing!!

Claudia/Anthony: So, we were partly right. She wasn’t molested, but rather, deliberately seduced Trevor so that Anthony would see it and get rid of Trevor. Unfortunately for her, Anthony sent her away instead.

Anthony to Claudia: “If you put yourself on display in front of a man long enough, he’s going to want a taste.”

Ah, there’s nothing like the love of a father, isn’t there?!!