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Days of Our Lives: Preview from Denial Island

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Wow, I think I’m going to be watching Days of Our Lives from Denial Island this week (July 7 – 11)… like, for real!! 


Slim pickings with the storyline options.  UGH!  When will it end?  I hate to say it, but as much as I was loving the show as little as a month ago, I'm now bordering on indifferent.  I hate that!  Days is my show, it's the one I've always watched and loved, but at the moment... I'm struggling.

Ok, now that the mini rant and negativity is over, there are a few things worth watching on the show this week - plenty of fireworks to come (wink wink, nudge nudge).  If you're a fan of angry Sami, this might just be your week.  Anyhoo, on with some spoilers...

“Love in an Elevator”

Still stuck in their respective elevators at the Salem Inn, both EJ and Nicole, and Lucas and Chloe, have minor hiccups before doing the nasty (EJ calls Nicole, “Samantha” and Chloe and Lucas have crises of conscience which they get over quickly).  Yes, you heard me, they all get it on in the dirty, skanky elevators at the Salem Inn.  GROSS… and I mean that, I’ve seen the footage.  Fortune has it (or maybe it’s just crappy writing) that Sami goes over to the Salem Inn, hoping to get an air-conditioned room during the blackout (I find it hard to believe that there’s nothing at DiMansion to cool them down).  She finds herself right in front of the elevators when the doors are busted open, and to her surprise she finds Couple No 1 – EJ and Nicole – quickly re-dressing themselves.  They exchange pleasantries (not really, it gets nasty) before Sami’s attention is drawn to the passengers rescued from the other elevator – none other than Couple No 2 - Chloe and Lucas.  Their post-coital bliss is lost on Sami, as she sees through Lucas' lame disguise and focuses on the fact that Lucas is obviously not currently under house arrest.  Lucas is promptly arrested, as Rotox and a bunch of Salem PD's finest are there to help with the rescue.   Down at the station, Lucas and Chloe run into Morgan and Philip (there to receive missing Paul Hollingsworth's letter) and the truth is revealed to the pair.  This leaves Philip a little more than annoyed; both at his brother and at the loss of his "friends with benefits" deal with Chloe - "it's o-v-a-h ovah, I'm afraid, Philip".


Wow, when I said the other week that I was glad to see the nuJawn hang around for a bit, I really didn’t want him to turn into JerkJawn – snarky is fine, downright mean is not (Memo to Days: you're upsetting my Marlena loving friends... stop it now!).  Marlena discovers the trashed lab at DiMansion and lashes out at Jawn’s cavalier attitude to destroying his memories – look out for the angry shove Marlena gives Jawn, you go girl!  After a chat with her personal crusader Sami, and witnessing Jawn and Ava go up to his room to "change clothes", Marlena returns to the ruins and finds a remnant of Jawn's destroyed disk of memories… now don’t laugh, but I actually checked this out, and apparently it IS possible to retrieve data off half a destroyed disk… who would've guessed? *rolls eyes*

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Dansea, Kate, Victor and Caroline

Kate comes to join the Brady/Horton July 4th party, but the first thing she sees is granddaughter Chelsea's tongue down McHottie Daniel's throat and she promptly passes out.  What causes this sudden loss of blood flow to the head?  I'm thinking this has something to do with the online RUMORS passing around lately; that Kate and Daniel have had a fling, and Kate hadn't realised, til now, the extent of Chelsea and Daniel's involvement.  Watch for Lexie’s reaction to witnessing the face sucking too, she looks a little jealous...  On recovering, Kate takes Chelsea aside for a little "guidance" talk, consisting of a lot of 'Stop seeing Daniel' advice... yeah, that aint gonna happen!!  Later in the week, Chelsea starts her new job in the child development center at the hospital - Chelsea declares herself interested in becoming an occupational therapist.  Also, taking a leaf out of Kate's book, Victor also passes out, but he's got an acutal excuse, he suffers a stroke!  They better not be killing off Victor to make way for Stefano - can't we have them both onscreen??  Please???

Max’s Discovery

This summer storyline really kicks off this week; Max enlists Nick’s help to steal Trent’s cell phone.  Using those quasi-Brady genes of his, he detects several recent calls on the phone to an unknown, international phone number; and upon calling it, hears the receiver on the other end answer “Dad?” in a distinctly young, female voice *gasp*.  Realizing he may have a half sister, he and Steph discuss the girl from the phone, the best way to approach her and the memories it stirs up in Max of his mom.  Later, Max asks Steve for some help in tracking his potential sister down, and by the end of the week, he’s on his way to Europe looking for her… and so this major summer storyline begins.

Coming up Next Week

  • Sami learns what Chloe and Lucas were really doing in the elevator and this results in the much anticipated FOOD FIGHT between Sami and Chloe
  • Lexie and Abe take Theo out of pre-school; and
  • Marlena offers Rolf a deal to help her repair Jawn's disk o'memories.

Well, enjoy your Days watching this week, or if not, leave me a comment and tell me what would make the show more watchable for you (if anything at all)?!

Thanks to Chit Chat Haven for the use of their screencaps!