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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.07.08


GH and Night Shift matching up? Robin's injuries will be on both shows. On the July 22nd premiere of Night Shift titled "Crash", Robin is injured when a car crashes through the ER.

Robin the alibi. I mentioned she would be one of Jason's alibis for the time of Logan's death. Claudia points a finger in Jason's direction, Robin says no way it was Jason. Who do you think Mac will believe? Jason's still considered a suspect when he's released. RUMORS say they just don't have enough to hold him.

How is Elizabeth an alibi? She'll be around when Jason and Robin have their talk. She'll see the two together.

Speaking of Mac... he may get into it with Jerry. He'll show up looking for an absent Alexis and when Mac refuses to tell Jerry where Alexis has gone, the former Mr. Craig gets under Mac's skin with a comment about Robin.

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Lots of Robin... is that a bad thing? Not according to the TPTB at SOAPnet. Robin is the central character on Night Shift this season. The first season gave us the Scrubs relationship and it's ending as well as lots of Jason Morgan. This season, Robin is the girl! Jagger returns, Robert becomes his daughter's patient, she's injured in the premiere episode and it's her medical school gal pal showing up this time.

What about Patrick? He'll be involved in Stone's story. Jagger is back in Port Charles with his 5 year old son who suffers from autism. Look for lots of Jagger and Patrick interaction. RUMORS say Dr. Drake Jr. may be getting a promotion. Patrick is RUMORED to be in charge of the new docs.

Maxie needs Jason's help. RUMORS have the Junior Fashionista and budding Mob Moll turning to Jason for help with Lulu. Remember the OLD RUMORS that Jason doesn't want to see Lulu go down for Logan's murder but he doesn't want to get locked up either? Well according to the RUMORS, Maxie comes clean to Jason about Logan's death and all the events that lead up to the Crabby Commando being dumped on the clinic's doorstep.


Lulu losing it? MAYBE. She just killed a man, you would lose it a little bit too. There are a few RUMORS about Lulu losing her marbles and one is that she lets the secret out... that Jason is Jake's father. Sh ehas been keeping that secret for a very long time. Also out there, more time for Lucky and Lulu. Will Lucky step up and help his little sis? Will his involvement in Lulu's story purely be a plot point? I'm pretty sure Lucky has no idea that Lulu has known all along he is not Jake's father. It could be an interesting TWIST to have Lulu be the one to out the secret.

RANDOM RUMORS... Is Jason becoming Super Jase again? RUMORS have him saving Nadine. Ric tries to keep the Z's in line to avoid a mob war. What about the RUMORS that he's trying to pin Johnny and Claudia against one another? Carly and Jax come to an agreement. He's not happy with her need to destroy Kate. LuSam... one minute they're done the next they're getting a story, I give up. Jason walks in on Maxie and Spinelli.