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Brilliance or Folly?

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Army Wives is back for it's second season and doing gangbusters in the ratings for Lifetime.


TV Guide sat down with Army Wives star and All My Children alum Kim Delaney to visit with her about the new season of her hit show and in the interview asked her whether or not she would return to Pine Valley.

Here is the quote.

TV Guide: Now that your old All My Children costars are recreating their characters, we were wondering if you've ever been approached to bring Jenny back from the dead?

Delaney: Uh-huh. I would do it. I love Agnes Nixon. I love the whole show. But I can't [now] — I have no time!

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Of course this begs the question. Would we the fans even want to have the character of Jenny back? Could The Powers That Be write a return for a character who died so famously? I love Kim on Army Wives but I'm just not sure it is worth it to go back and undo such a noted event. Last time All My Children did something like that we ended up with Erica's unabortion and we all know how that's turned out.

Would you like Kim Delaney back as Jenny?