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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.08.08


Spixie Sex?  RUMORS say yes... I've already told you Jason walks in on them, the question is, is it before or after? We asked you what you think of the POSSIBLE sex for this pair.  Weigh In!

Will Nadine be a witness?  Johnny tells Claudia he killed Logan and she helps little bro dump the body.  Does Nadine see the sibs leaving the scene?

Drug Mystery... Nikolas, Sam and Lucky are all RUMORED to be looking into the drug mystery.  Is this the storyline where Sam and Lucky don't know they're both involved?  RUMORS had the drug storyline being dropped but with the addition of Dr. Matt Hunter, it seems to have regained a little steam.  Matt is not happy that Nikolas is getting in the way of his suplemental income.  Look for Nadine to help with the drug mystery. 

Is Lulu really going nuts?  She MAY BE, just a little.  Remember, Julie Marie Berman will be taking a few weeks off in August for her wedding and Lulu losing it COULD BE a great storyline to help with the time off.  In a TWIST, Maxie will help Lulu.


I mentioned yesterday that Lulu COULD be the one to spill the Jake secret.  Who is she spilling to?  RUMORS say a Zacharra.  Question is, is it Claudia or Johnny? How will the secret being out affect Liason?

There are RUMORS of another Liason scene. 
It SHOULD be after Jason is arrested for Logan's murder.  The couple may meet after Jason is released and RUMORS say Elizabeth is with Jake when they see one another.  She'll tell him she's happy that he's been released, he'll be nervous that she's talking to him with Jake there. Remember, RUMORS have said that once Jake's paternity is out, Liason's screen time will increase.

Eli Love returns on the 17th.  He's looking for Anna. Eli MAY NOT be in Port Chuck for long.  He's not interested in dating a grandma. 

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Are Robin and Patrick becoming roommates? After the courtroom drama, Robin sees just how much Patrick really cares.  Will she finally agree to live with him?  RUMORS say yes and remember, Guza has orders to get Scrubs to a certain point before Night Shift premieres.  We know from the SPOILER PICS that Robin is at her place with Jagger and Patrick.  RUMORS are saying that the couple does in fact move in together but it's not at Patrick's larger apartment.  Robin is SPOILED to suggest that they try living together at her apartment first.


More Night Shift... Jagger's back and with his son Stone.  How is Robin involved?  When Jagger returns with Stone in tow, RUMORS say she MAY be the one to diagnose little Stone with autism.  Look for Robin to be a way to introduce Jagger back to the canvas but for his story to involve Patrick more than Robin.  Dr. Scorpio will have her hands full when Daddy returns. 

The second episode of Night Shift is titled "Other People's Children."
  Here is the official episode description:

“Other People’s Children” Coming up in the second General Hospital: Night Shift episode of the new season, airing July 29 at 11pm ET on SoapNet, an adopted girl from China is rushed into the ER, and Robin races to find a donor match. But she gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a secret about the girl. Meanwhile, Claire is pursued by a drunk patient, but she’s more interested in his sober buddy, and Leo and Kyle stop fighting long enough to have a drink and be civilized for a moment. Later, Jagger storms out after a fight with Robin about Stone.

Is Robin getting a sibling?  RUMORS say Robert may have another daughter.  Jagger's getting a love interest.

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