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Bold and Beautiful: Update

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Bridget is headed for a nervous breakdown. That’s how I see this whole Nick, Bridget and Katie scenario panning out. Anyone else feeling for Bridget right now, or is this just the way the ‘cookie crumbles?’ I’ve got to applaud Jackie for trying to get Nick to see the light, but no matter which woman Nick chooses, there will be utter turmoil. Standing out as show highlights this week was the revelation of Beth Logan’s sudden health crisis, Steffy and Marcus’ stairway flirt, Mika’s ‘Love Today’ getting airplay and Owen Knights’ arrival. I have come to a few dramatic conclusions though – Eric and Donna are officially Grose, Katie is slowly surpassing sister Brooke as the show’s ‘leading lady’ and Stephanie Forrester, where in God’s name is she? Could she be having an affair with Forrester newcomer Tim or is this the beginning of the end for our matriarch?


Our dearest Queen Stephanie barely made a showing this week. Of memory only appearing in 3 or 4 scenes. It could be my imagination, but I’m starting to wonder whether this is the way Executive Producers are slowly transitioning Susan Flannery into the unknown or are they gearing her up for a major story? I guess only time will tell, but until then we will watch and we will support. If I get to see Beth and Stephanie exchange a few words somewhere about town that would suffice for me. Eric Forrester, what is he doing with his life? It seems Donna could have given birth to twins, worked a brothel and did drugs on the side and still could do no wrong in Eric eyes. Do any of these two have morals? I know Donna and Brooke are related, so that explains that little scenario, but for Eric to just open both arms and welcome Marcus? A little gob smacked. During this same scene when Thorne, Ridge and Felicia turned their backs and walked out, I actually for a moment ‘hated’, yes ‘hated’, I know it’s a strong word, but I did dislike what Eric did and has done to his family. Surely there must be some end to this charade with Donna? I just don’t buy it. Stephanie is playing it down as the new woman she now seems to be, but how much more can the Forrester children take?

For a brief moment on the Forrester ‘location balcony/gym’ felt a little love triangle moment between Donna, Felicia and newcomer Owen. If this is the way they can tare Donna away from Eric, introduce Owen into the show and finally give Felicia a decent story then so be it. Felicia is really rocking my world at this particular moment in time. We do however need to find a genuine love interest for Thorne; he’s looking pretty lonely these days. Anyone in particular you think could really bring Thorne back to life?

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Oh boy – that’s all I have to say about Bridget and the hole she is digging for herself by asking Katie to be her maid of honour. Jackie had a point; Nick did not use the word ‘love’ in his news to his mother. I really don’t enjoy the thoughts that continue to press regarding Nick sleeping with Brooke, then her daughter Bridget and now almost her sister Katie. Not a nice image. I do have an idea however – let’s take Katie away from Nick and pair her up with Owen? Maybe go head to head with Felicia? Heather Tom has plenty to offer and has done nothing but perform at an excellent standard of late. She is really one outstanding actress as far as I’m concerned.

Ridge – does he really need to interfere with Steffy’s love interest now? Surely you think he would have learnt his lesson sticking his nose into Phoebe and Rick’s relationship. Speaking of Rick, where was he this week? A brief appearance with Marcus at Forrester but no sign of Taylor. Interesting.

Did anyone else enjoy the Logan feel good moment? The group hug on the couch? Notice how nearly all the Logan women wore white frilly little outfits? Is this their way of showing total purification, forgiveness and welcoming of Beth? Couldn’t help but laugh. I am missing Storm though. The story between he and Katie was amazing, but surely the team could have found a way to keep him on the show.

Glad to finally see Beth come clean about her health and sudden fight with dementia and the introduction of Owen Knight. A taste of some good ‘Bold’ days ahead. What to watch for: Felicia finding Stephanie in bad shape, Ridge coming between Marcus and Steffy yet again and Pam crashing Donna’s party.

Anyone else notice the newly updated opening credits? Nice.