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General Hospital Night Shift: Who Dies?


In Season Two's Premiere Episode, "Crash", a character dies and Robin is injured when a car comes crashing through the ER.  Who dies?  Well if you saw the latest promo for Night Shift, you know that Patrick tells Robin she's sleeping with the Chief of Staff.  Wouldn't that mean something happened to the current Chief of Staff, Dr. Ford? 

RUMORS are rampant that it is Dr. Ford who dies during the crash.  Pure speculation based on the promo or is Dr. Ford not with us much longer?  We haven't seen him on General Hospital that much lately and the once RUMORED Chief of Staff fight between Dr. Ford and Dr. Monica Quartermaine never happened.  Don't we need a storyline to help bring Monica back from rehab?  Isn't Patrick a little young for the Chief of Staff position? 

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The RUMORS go on to say that Patrick's "promotion" is a temporary solution to the vacancy left by Dr. Ford.