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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Woohoo, Noah’s back!! Unfortunately he’s standing in the “let’s poop on Patrick” line. Really, Noah hasn’t won any father of the year awards lately, so telling Patrick that he’d make a bad father was not nice. Plus, I get that Noah’s been gone with Doctors Without Borders (since they told us about 12 times in the 5 minutes he was on screen), but don’t they have phones to check in, where he could have been told he’s going to be a grandfather, rather than finding out in the middle of someone’s brain surgery. And another thing, why do both he and Anna act like grandparenting is the most evil of evils. Geez people, you’re barely in your kid’s lives as it is, what exactly is going to change for you, other than having an extra person with your DNA.

Johnny gets the Psychic of the day award, since he somehow knew exactly where Logan and Lulu were. Unless she sent out the Bat signal from the window, how is it that he and Maxie showed up when they did?

And speaking of the Maxie/Johnny/Lulu fiasco, what the heck? CALL THE COPS ALREADY. It’s Maxie’s father. He’ll protect them against whatever Scott wants to throw their way. Plus, there’s clear evidence of what Logan did, since the door was axed and his prints would be on the ax. Not to mention all over the Crimson offices. And Kate was there earlier and asked him to leave, so it wouldn’t be all that farfetched for them to explain that he came back, attacked Maxie, which I’m sure she’s got bruises to show for it, then attacked Lulu and she defended herself. I don’t understand why they’re all going to hide the whole thing or why Johnny thinks it’s smart to take the blame. The whole thing seems way more contrived than it needs to be and is already starting to give me a headache.

Claudia/Sonny; Why would she tell Sonny all the sordid details of her past? Was it so that he can go running to her once he has a falling out with Kate over the pictures? Because otherwise, why give your enemy ammo against you?

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Sweet Robin/Jason scene, but I’m tired of her “knowing” what Patrick will want in the future and I’m tired of him talking about fatherhood at the exact moment that Liz shows up, so they can look longingly at each other.