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Bold and Beautiful: Mr. & Mrs Smith

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Nothing says after glow like white sheets and a contented smile but is it to much to ask for a little something something for us the viewers to find entertaining?


When Taylor and Ric first started falling for each other it was a welcome relief from the post Constantine/Pheobe/Ric era. Taylor was a drunk and Ric was smitten. Together it created an entertaining combination.

Unfortunately it seems that storyline lethargy has set in. In fact I'm almost having more fun imagining what could be going on off screen. Maybe Ric and Taylor are really Mr. & Mrs. Smith and destroying a home in their passion? Maybe Taylor been trying out for TV Land's She's Got the Look, on the sly? Wasn't Ric in charge of European operations for Forrester? Maybe he's been jetting back and forth to Monte Carlo to sate an addiction for gambling?

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I know, I know, fantasies are fun but reality isn't rarely is. Let's hope that amidst the various Logan heart transplants, marriages and illegitimate children that Taylor and Ric scrounge up a better storyline.

What do you think of Ric and Taylor?