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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.09.08

More on the upcoming Liason scenes. 
Elizabeth and Jake are on the docks looking at the boats passing by.  Jason sees them and Elizabeth calls out to him.  As I told you, Jason's nervous about talking to Liz out in the open with Jake there.  Elizabeth tells him she's glad he's been released.  They're interrupted by a call Jason gets from Maxie.  Remember Maxie tells Jason everything hoping he can help Lulu.

What happened to the Marriage of Convenience? 
Remember the one that Claudia was RUMORED to have?  The one that Sarah Brown talked about in Soap Opera Digest?  RUMORS had suggested that the storyline was dropped but can you really drop something one of your actors discussed in a major publication?  I am now once again seeing that the MOC is happening. 


Nervous about the Spixie Sex?  As suspected, RUMORS are saying that Maxie regrets sleeping with Spinelli and the Jackal may be nursing a broken heart.  It MAY not be as mean as expected or as it sounds.  Maxie is RUMORED to regret crossing that line and changing the dynamic of their relationship.  Remember, Maxie is clueless that Spinelli is crushing on her.

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LuSam... RUMORED scenes coming up.  Also I am seeing hints that Sam will be there for Lucky when his family falls apart.  Question is, is this RUMOR referring to Lulu or Jake?


Is Dr. Ford getting killed off on the Season Premiere of Night Shift?  RUMORS are all saying yes.  Remember, Robin is injured and Patrick is said to TEMPORARILY be named Chief of Staff.  Will Patrick be Chief of Staff in the daytime too? Any Season One viewers remember Robin's premonition of herself on a gurney.  I am hearing that will be re-visisted, sort of. 

What's not changing on Night Shift?  The Scrubs bickering apparently.  While the couple looks happier in the SPOILER PICS and RUMORS have the couple living together when NS premieres, I am hearing that when Robin is ready to return to work after the "crash", Patrick tells her she can't return until the Chief of Staff signs off on it.  Let the bickering begin.