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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.10.08


LuSam Stuff!  Where have these two been?  I mentioned they are going to be involved in the drug mystery and it looks like they play a bit of private eye.  The pair may even pretend to break up to help with their investigation. Why the fake break-up?  A cop's girlfriend can't be trusted and Sam needs an "in" to get some information.  LuSam pretend to break-up over Elizabeth. Theses RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth asks Nikolas to explain to Sam that there is nothing going on between her and Lucky. Sam and Lucky are said to meet up after the fake fight and some of Sam's insecurities MAY come up.  The meeting is a plot point though, so the fans know its a fake break-up.  RUMORS of a sexy sofa scene (Greg Vaughn MAY have SPOILED that at a fan event). 

Jason Cook... where's he been?  It seems strange to bring on a well known soap actor and then only have him on twice.  Liz and Matt become friends so we should see some scenes with them and he'll be involved in the counterfiet drug storyline as well. 

Still hearing that Jake's paternity is outed.... POSSIBLY on the 25th ( I really hate using dates but it came across my screen ). 

Spixie Sex... is Maxie using Spinelli as an alibi?  I thought the fight Lulu and Maxie staged was their alibi?  Some RUMORS are suggesting that Maxie turns to Spinelli looking for a cover to cover-up her role in Logan's death.

If you haven't been checking the comments for updates, here's what you missed yesterday:

I'm not sure Scrubs will be a complete snooze with their never ending bicker fest.  It's definitely a character trait (or flaw) that the new writers at NS are taking with them.

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The RUMORS about the MOC:  the strongest candidate for husband right now seems to be Nikolas although he'll be involved in the drug storyline and I'm not so sure he'll be too involved in Lulu's story.  HOWEVER, the body is dumped at his clinic, Nadine witnesses the Z sibs leaving the scene and RUMORS have Nadine fighting to protect her prince.  There was also an item dropped that Nikolas will feel like he is betraying Emily.  There are still RUMORS that Nikolas and Claudia sleep together so it is possible that the betrayal RUMOR applies to that. 

As far as Jason is concerned... his name is popping up more and more (shudder at the thought).  Claudia is RUMORED to name Jason as the killer only to have her statement severly questioned when Robin comes forward and tells the cops that she was with Jason when Claudia says she saw him.  Remember, Robin coming forward does not completely get Jason off. He is released because they don't have enough to hold him but he is still considered a suspect.  Is it POSSIBLE that the MOC is between Jason and Claudia, yes, anything is possible.  Could it be that Jason needs her to stop talking and marrying her shuts her up? POSSIBLY.  But since she's already given a statement that she saw Jason with the body wouldn't spousal privledge be null and void? 

More on the MOC: yesterday I dropped the above.  Today I am seeing more and more that it is Nikolas who marries Claudia.  IF this MOC happens, it is most likely attached to the Logan murder mystery so it SHOULD be happening soon.

Kate one ups Carly by telling her she was first in Sonny's life.  Connie revealing herself?  Possibly.  Carly will not be happy when she finds out Jax knew Kate's secret.  Will Carly blow Kate and her marriage to bits with the reveal of the limo sex?  One thing is for sure, Carly will stop at nothing to bring Kate down, she'll even step over her own marriage to do it. 


I hinted weeks ago at a Matt crush on Elizabeth.  It may start out as a crush however RUMORS say they'll be pals. 

We know Lulu is going away (JMB's nuptials) but who sends her and where is she going?  RUMORS of Lulu losing it have been all over the place and Maxie's not so subtle comment about Lulu ending up like her mother was not an accident.  Will Tracy step in and send Lulu away?  Will Johnny get her out of town before Scotty pieces the puzzle together?  Is Luke involved somehow?

Remember to check the comments for updates and feel free to leave me a question!