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Young and The Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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Well kids it is about to get REALLY funky fresh on The Young and the Restless. Have the powers that be finally heard our cries for our beloved Y&R to get back to the fundamentals of soaps? You be the judge on what I'm about to tell you.


Jack vs. Victor-Victor vs. Restless Style: That old love affair is about to come alive again when Jack decides to play journalist and tweak Adrian’s article on Sabrina by entering in the info that ex beau Phillipe gave him.

Seems that the new Mrs. Newman will go all out to snag the man that she’s interested in even if that means its going to tarnish her reputation both business and personally. When that article hits newsstands, everyone at Restless Style needs to run for cover because Victor is boiling mad. He confronts Jack about it but knows he can’t do Jack (yeah bad pun) about it and now that the kids and Nikki are feuding with Slick Vic, its just open season for Smilin’ Jack.

Meanwhile Victor, still on the warpath, approaches Nick and holds him accountable for the story and orders him to withdraw the story. If that isn’t enough Victor lays into former and current daughters in law Sharon and Phyllis and vows that Restless Style will be toast. Seems that Victor’s not the only one pissed at Jack, wife Sharon is reeling at the latest stunt her hubby has pulled and it makes her take pause in regards to her union with Jack.

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Lily/Cane/Chloe: Crazy Chloe decides to step up her A-game and plots to poo-poo Cane’s plans to pop the question to Lily.

Paul: His P.I. skills are on FIRE because he finds out David’s mobbed up.

Spotlight: Jeff/Gloria/Michael

Seems these three decide to bury the hatchet when they decide to team up and take over JABOT! I wonder what Gloria’s beloved John would say…

Remember last week when I said Gloria and Jeff decide they want to have Jabot for themselves? I guess they weren’t drunk with love and vodka because they approach Michael about it to make sure they do everything by the book. Naturally Michael shut them down about their latest plan but does an about face and says he’s game but on one condition- Jeff has to fork over that contaminated Jabot cream he has on Mike’s mom, as a good faith gesture that he won’t try to blackmail Glo again. Jeff complies but there’s a snag... The cream’s missing! Seems Jeff took a page from Paul’s P.I. playbook and deduces that his ex Korean lover has it and sets out to get it which doesn’t sit well with Gloria who in turns determines that she has to reclaim it and you already know what that means... Another Gloria scheme in the works. Oy…

Genoa City: The townsfolk get all gussied up for the charity gala held at the Colonnade Room (I miss that place) for a night they will never forget…