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Throwback Thursday

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I was on YouTube and saw the soaps of old, the clips that gave you Goosebumps of what the daytime genre used to be like. The medium that made you tune into someone else’s own chaotic life for just an hour a day or in the case of Bold and the Beautiful, just a half hour.

So in honor of those memorable days I give you Throwback Thursday. For the nostalgic person in you and for those who need to be familiarized in what we veteran soap viewers were used to seeing and are dying to get back.

Today’s clip: Young and the Restless own Sheila Carter and Lauren Fenmore. Lauren confronts Sheila on making a nasty phone call to her resulting in one of the best fights on daytime and little do they know, they were setting the trend for years on their future encounters.

Forget the fights that you’ve seen Viki and Dorian engaging in, that’s child’s play compare to these two. Please note that it’s in French, but at the end Sheila pretty much says that Lauren will regret messing with her. Little do they know, this would become a greeting card of theirs years later.

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