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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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With the exception of the way that Anthony says Lulu's name (which gets a laugh from me every time) everything today was a big bag of silly. And that's saying a lot, considering it was a non Carly/Sonny day.

Noah, I love you, but shut up already. Just because you were a horrible father, does not mean that Patrick will be one. If anything, I would think Patrick would work extra hard not to be a jerk. I was hoping that when Robin asked to speak with Patrick alone, that things would have been cleared up, but no, that would asking for too much.

Exactly who did Claudia hire to fix her door and get rid of the carpet that she thinks no one will find out. The guy who fixed her door looked about as shifty as they come.

Why again does Johnny need to take the blame for killing Logan when there was enough evidence to convict Logan of about 12 crimes?

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I know that Jason is the go-to guy when someone shows up dead, but really, why assume he had anything to do with it? Everything Diane brought up was water under the bridge months ago. And why do Jason (and Diane) think it's smart for him to keep his mouth shut when he's innocent? It's just makes him look guilty (and stupid). And if they brought him in for questioning, they really should have brought Anthony in as well. And I hope Mac showing up at Johnny's door means he's being brought in too, otherwise, it's just not right.

And speaking of stupid, how stupid is it to have the local mob boss in a regular line-up that Nadine is supposed to be objective about? And I thought she said she barely saw the car and barely caught the license plate, so how could she have seen the driver? I did like the little dig Diane made about Jason's popularity when he's in lockup.

Maxie/Lulu: I liked Maxie's acting when Mac told her about Logan, but I kept thinking that Lulu needs to do a better acting job before someone figures her out. I hated Maxie hampering Spinelli's investigation. That's just going to mess up their friendship and I don't want that.

Anthony's not a stupid guy, why does he think that the police will believe mob princess Claudia if she tells them she saw Jason do it? He'd be better off hiring some unknown person to do it. I mean, they are the PCPD but still.