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DC #265: ABC Family Jewels

On today's ABC edition of Daytime Confidential Luke, Tina, Jamey and Regan discuss all the latest on All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live including...


Dorian's fashion sense on One Life to Live. Who might Talia's mother be? Luke's complaint about a current storyline.

Erica and Samuel Woods kissing on All My Children. Jake, Greenlee and Beth Ehlers' new character. Would we want Vincent Irizarry back in Pine Valley as David Hayward? Could making Greenlee and Kendall Lindsey and Nora type rivals save theme form this aweful storyline loop they are in. Regan, Tina and Jamey want Annie to go psycho on Pine Valley's ass but Luke doesn't.

Josh Duhan's depature from General Hospital. Jamey wants a Gotti style reality show within General Hospital for Johnny and Claudia while Luke has an idea for focusing on the Quartermaines. Rumors have it that Spinelli and Maxie will have sex and the gang discusses whether or not they want them to sleep together.

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