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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  07.11.08


Is there more to Jake's paternity reveal then just the Lulu connection?  Possibly.  What if a few things all come to a head at the same time?  Stick with me here, it might get a little bumpy.  Yesterday's RUMORS were that Lulu spills the beans to a Z, most likely Johnny.  Johnny finds out that Jason knows it was really Lulu who killed Logan.  In an effort to protect Lu, Johnny is RUMORED to use the Jake information.  BUT, as I mentioned yesterday, Jason wants to help Lulu.  He doesn't want to see her go down for protecting herself against a psycho.  So even though Johnny has very good leverage on Jason, does he really need it?  So why make a Z the one who finds out about Jake?  The LATEST RUMORS say that Jason MAY find out that Johnny and Claudia were involved in Michael's shooting.  That leverage makes a little more sense now. 

The Great Drug Caper... Lucky and Sam will help Nikolas, they don't want to see his clinic shut down.  I mentioned a staged break-up and NOW I am hearing that Sam may call in a few favors to get some information.

What about Matt?  We finally got another glimpse of Jason Cook yesterday.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  According to RUMORS, he's worked with these drug suppliers in the past.  Does Matt need to do a little soul searching?  The young doc may need to decide on helping people or making some cash.  The M&M test is still happening.  Matt will continue to be a thorn in Maxie's side with his opinions on her life.


Speaking of my girl Maxie... what about the morning after?  Well as we all SUSPECTED, there will be a little regret over sleeping with Spinelli and as I mentioned, Maxie will be afraid that the sex has forever changed their friendship.  Will the green eyed monster hit Maxie?  Yep!  When Leyla starts showing the Jackal more attention, Maximista gets a little jealous.  Don't forget about the RANDOM RUMOR that Spinelli beds Leyla. 

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Not only will Maxie have Matt and Spin to contend with but she'll be spending more time with Johnny.  The youngest Z and Maxie will be together quite a bit trying to help Lulu.  She'll warn Johnny that Lulu is hanging on by a very thin thread.  I mentioned above that Jason has every intention of helping Lulu.  At first, Jason thinks Johnny did it until Maxie fills him in.  Jason himself tells Lulu that everything will be handled but then Johnny is arrested for the murder.  Is this what sends Lulu over the edge?


Lulu and Johnny go on the run!  The couple is running from the cops and wind up hiding out in Johnny's old piano teacher's apartment. 

Carly is still gunning for Kate.  Jax is not happy. Will Sonny think hard about his upcoming nuptials to Kate?  Kate is not a lady who likes to be out done.  She'll start messing with Carly's marriage.

Scrubs court stuff today.  After all is settled today, there are RUMORS of yet another Patrick set back.  IF that happens, Patrick's "freak out" is said to be short.