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General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Scoop!


General Hospital Fan Club Weekend is upon us!  What does that mean in terms of Scoop?  It means lots of fans hit the message boards and give recaps of what they've heard and seen while at various actor's events as well as the main event.  The reports are already coming in!  Check back for updates!

So far, here is what I've got (remember to have your salt shakers near by, these recaps are all based on the fan's perspective of how things were said and the actors in the past have been told by TPTB what they can and can not say):

One fan said Steve Burton (Jason) was asked about Liason and his response was that they are stalled.  However, he also said that he would be a guest at Rebecca Herbst's (Elizabeth) event and they would talk more about it then.

The actor's discussed their charities and Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) spoke about his trip to Africa. 

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego) gave a fan a lap dance.  Apparently there was an auction at a Girls Night Out event.  He also sang with his band at the Kick Off and if I am understanding these recaps correctly, so did Rick.  At the GNO event, there were quite a few Night Shift cast members.  Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson) told the fans the writing on Night Shift Season Two is very good.

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Monavie tasting with Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) and Steve Burton.  According to Steve, the juice cure during the virus storyline was Bob Guza's idea.  Apparently Guza drinks the juice too. 

Did you know Rick Hearst's mom has a catering company?  She's providing the food for his event.

Greg Vaughn (Lucky Spencer) had his adorable son at the Kick Off.  Who else attended the Kick Off?  Steve Burton, Dylan Cash, Carolyn Hennesy, Tyler Christopher, Jason Cook, Megan Ward, Jay Pickett, Kin Shriner, Rebecca Herbst, Drew Cheetwood and John J York.

A fan has gratiously posted a link to pictures from Day One.


When asked if Jason and Claudia were hooking up, Steve Burton said no, I don't think so.  One fan says the MOC is Claudia and Sonny. (That's the first time I've heard that one) In regards to Liason... both actors are frustrated with the lack of story for this couple.  According to one fan's post, there is a scene with Jason, Elizabeth and Jake where Monica sees them together. 

UPDATE FROM Rebecca Herbst's event:

Steve Burton joined his co-star and her hubby Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan).  Steve pretty much confirmed he is not a part of the MOC storyline.  Steve said he had a hard time with two Carly's on the show... I'm guessing it was a question regarding Sarah Brown (Claudia) re-joining GH.  SPOILERS for the scenes that involve Monica:  It looks like Elizabeth and the boys are at the park.  Jason is there and Monica sees them together.  Elizabeth offers for Jason to hold Jake who says he can't.  After Jason leaves, Monica and Elizabeth talk and Lucky arrives.  Anyone else think/hope that a mother's intuition picks up on something? Forgot to add, Rebecca said she had not filmed any scenes with the new doctor.

UPDATE FROM Bradford Anderson's (Spinelli) event:

Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) joined Bradford. A fan thought they were really selling Spixie hard.  What about Jason Cook?  Kirsten loves him but they feel the show is really investing time into Spixie.  She also mentioned the changes coming for Maxie and Lulu's friendship. 

That's all for now folks... check back for updates!