Tuc Watkins, "It's Hilarious"


Wondering what One Life to Live's Tuc Walkins thinks of having a dog named after his character David Vickers?


Turns out he thinks it's hilarious. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a new interview with the OLTL star in this week's Suds Report that you are definitely going to want to check out.

Check out this preview.

TVG: So, were you offended that head writer Ron Carlivati named Tina’s bitch, David Vickers?

I think it’s hilarious! Tuc is my real name and I’ve met a lot of dogs named Tucker. I always take offense when animals are named after me. I’m not sure why. But on TV, when your character’s name is named after a dog, it’s fun. If Ron named the dog Tuc, I’d get confused. And here’s why: Bree Williamson [Tessica] has a daughter on the show named Bree and it’s very confusing.

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