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DC #266: CBS & Days Pulling A Gun

On today's CBS and Days of Our Live's edition of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike and Jamey are all the latest on As the World Turns, Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and Young and Restless including...


Emily and Casey's secret is out on As the World Turns and things are about to explode. Barbara is back and Mike is loving it. Luke and Noah can never be happy. What should ATWT do with Lily? Should they bring someone new in for her or should they bring someone back like Hunt Block's Craig Montgomery?

We keep being told that this summer is going to be great on the Young and the Restless and we're really hoping it is. Is it back to basics for the No. 1 soap? Jamey believes there are some things that just need to be dropped. Should Katherine and Jill's relationship be undone?

Vincent Irizarry is out at Y&R and we're discussing whether or not it would be good for him to return to Guiding Light. Maeve Kinkead on the screen breathing makes Mike's week. Jeff, Reva and Josh have viable triangle potential. Ava and Bill's wedding and the torture of Ava. Where in the world is Marj Dusay? The Bauer picnic.

Where is "the real" Stephanie Forrester? Archetypes vs. character growth, which do you prefer? Is Bold and Beautiful becoming the Logan show? Is Nick worse than Brooke when it comes to bed hopping?

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Next Week: The Daytime Confidential Podcast launches it's first summer series The Top 10 Ways To Improve Each Soap. Each week we will tackel two shows and go through the ways we and you the listeners believe they can be improved. Visit on Friday July 11 when we name the first two shows we'll be covering and make your comments on how they can be improved.

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