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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Who cleaned up the Crimson offices? Logan died “yesterday” and Lulu and Maxie have been busy since then so how did the office get back into pristine condition?

Cheers to Maxie, coming to Spin’s defence against bully Sonny.

Cheers to Spinelli for not cowing down to Sonny and reminding him that he’s no longer in the business and no longer in the know when it comes to Jason.

Please tell me the Scrubs stuff is over and that this isn’t another case of one step forward, three steps back in their relationship.

Yes Anna, run away before Eli Love shows up and he finds out you’re going to become one of those icky grandmas. Jeers to whoever keeps writing those lines for FH.

Loved all the Diane/Alexis friendly adversarial stuff.

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How dumb is Detective Harper. Nadine tells him she didn’t get a good look at the driver, so he says ok, but stick around because we’re bringing in another suspect and we’ll do another line up and you can tell us if you recognize him. She just said she didn’t get a good look.

So, according to Mac, Scott is off sailing in the Caribean. So were basically never going to get a reaction from him about his sons’ murder and it’s all going to be about Lulu.

Speaking of Lulu, I did like her scene with Lucky and the frustration that she was clearly feeling. I thought for sure she’d blurt out the truth to him, and I really wished she had. This whole cover up was an incredibly dumb idea of Johnny’s and he really did her no favours by thinking it up.

Claudia should stop yelling “you killed Logan Hayes” at the top of her lungs. Somebody’s bound to overhear that. Also, how is it that no one else saw or heard anything out of the ordinary on the night of the murder?

Loved KS in the Maxie/Anthony scene. She was playing the scared/tough girl very well. And again, I’m hoping she tells him the truth, so that we can end this crazy story before it gets worst.

Sonny/Carly: Please, please, please tell me that Jax heard Sonny say “you seduced me in the limo”, and it isn’t one of those moments where the person is right there, but doesn’t hear. I want the fall out of that to happen already.