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Is Having Soap Faves Back for Short Stints Better Than Not at All?

When Luke first texted me with news that the legendary Genie Francis was coming back to General Hospital in her signature role of Ana-Lucia Zacchara, I mean Laura Spencer, I of course was as excited as a closeted senator at a public restroom. That is until I learned it was for yet another blink-and-you-better-DVR-it stint.


"They can keep that *#$#!" I yelled to Luke via cell phone and this time I wasn't talking about those pesky free issues of Wired I kept getting in the mail prior to the move to ATL. Earth to the publishers of Wired: I am not a techie. I can barely master Google. Please someone send me free issues of  Us Weekly, In Touch or something equally shallow, deliciously-vapid and easily read on the toilet without benefit of a Computer Sciences degree, salutations.

Anyhoo, I was all set to blog about how, in the words of the highly-underrated early 2000's boy bad Westlife, we want our Genie all, or nothing at all. However, after a night of carbs-depraived sleep (God Atkins is a harsh master even from beyond the grave!) I woke up clearheaded and thought to myself, "Self, isn't seeing your beloved soap vets three or four times a year better than never again?"

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At least GH fans know they will at least see Noah, Anna, Robert and Laura whenever the soap needs to drive up numbers to impress Madison Avenue. Wouldn't it be great if Guiding Light did the same thing with Danny, Michelle, Ed, Holly or Fletcher?  What if Days' Jack and Jenn were home every year for Christmas? Oh wait, December isn't a Sweeps period, silly rabbit! What do you think, is having your favorite vets back for short stints worth it, or does it only make their inevitable absences all the more painful?