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Days of Our Lives: Preview from Denial Island

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Hey Days fans, a lot of hilarity coming your way on this week's episodes of Days of Our Lives (July 14-18), and no, I'm not talking about Lucas being sent back to maximum security prison (pictured left).  This hilarity comes in the form of a food fight and the unlucky bystanders who get caught in the crossfire. 


First though, I'd just like to ask how many flashback scenes did Days use last week?  Especially Thursday and Friday, I reckon it would have been better just cutting them all out, lumping the remaining scenes into one full episode on Thursday and just not airing anything on Friday, save us all the trouble.  Agree?  Disagree?  Alright, enough about that, mini rant over.  Let's get on with the preview...

Victor and his Sons

Now that Kate's all back to normal, Victor's been tagged with the hospital gown, and this week sees him fighting to recover from a stroke.  He has a pretty good reason to, youngest son Philip has confessed that he's made a serious mistake.  Evidence in the form of a tape recording falls into Bo's lap; Philip can be heard making verbal threats on Paul Hollingsworth's life.  Poor Bo is faced with an ethical dilemma - does he follow the law or save his brother?  Victor implores Bo to save his brother, and after witnessing Victor have another attack, Bo does just that, leaving the recording with his now stablised father.


Dansea and Kate

The true extent of Kate and Daniel's affair is revealed this week (don't even go there), with a lovely little flashback (UGH) to show us how their tryst occurred.  WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GO THERE?????? *bangs head against wall*  Of course the ex-lovers decide not to tell newest love and granddaughter Chelsea, which means, of course, that we can expect her to find out in the next few weeks.  If that's not a recipe for sending Chelsea to the loony bin, I don't what is.  First her Mom (Billie), then her Grandmother sleep with her boyfriend?  UGH.  I've never really been the biggest Chelsea fan, but this is just bordering on the ridiculous now, I mean really.  Enough with the boyfriend sharing already!


Samantha Gene Brady

Not a good week for Sami, first, she finds out jailbait husband Lucas got down and dirty with Chloe in the skanky elevators, then the next thing you know she's having a hissy fit with said other woman, in front of everyone at the Brady Pub.  In what makes for some HILARIOUS scenes, both ladies end up looking like yesterday's dinner (literally) from the resulting food fight.  Now you all know how much I love EJ, but the funniest thing about this food fight has to be him copping some rogue mashed potato in the face at the end LMAO!!!  Man, the guy even looks HAWT with food all over his face... *sigh...*  where was I? Oh yes, Sami - well, she takes out the rest of her anger on EJ, laying all blame for Lucas' infidelity on him.  Later, Sami proceeds to tell EJ that she's leaving the mansion with her children.  Unfortunately she forgets who she lives with - not just a DiMera, but a DiMera with a law degree.  EJ tells her in no uncertain terms that she's free to leave, but not with his son.  Added to this is the news that Lucas is being sent to maximum security prison, since he's now broken house three times, and it just all adds up to another exciting week in the life for our Samantha.  Oh well, at least she's angry, it's a definite improvement over the grovelling and snivelling Sami we've been seeing since Lucas returned.


Marlena and John and Ava

Speaking of some alone time, our newest single gal Marlena engages in a little negotiation this week.  Not what you're thinking!  She offers Rolf immunity for his help in getting Jawn's disk o'memories fixed.  Well, if anyone is going to be able to do that, it's Rolf, but I think she should just wait a few weeks for Stefano's return (*squee!*).  Meanwhile, Jawn and Ava continue to live it up, celebrating their new future together - however it will be short lived; word is that Tamara Braun recently completed filming her scenes, which means Ava will be off our screens in the next month or so *sniff*.

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Road Trip

I couldn't do this preview without at least mentioning the start of Max and Steph's big European Vacation... After Max skipped out of town last week, Steph isn't far behind; after finding Max's note, she beats the truth out of her parents as to why he went without her.  Steve confesses he asked Max not to involve her and Steph predictably flips out.  Always supportive, Kayla agrees with her daughter that she should follow Max to Europe and help him find Melanie (the half-sister).  Of course Steve backs down, and off Steph goes - she finds Max on his sleeper train, where he is suitably shocked, but surprised that of all the trains in Europe, she had to stumble onto his.


In Other, Less Advertised Storylines

  • Theo and Ciara have a playdate (awww, young love), while Abe relays what's going on with Theo to Bo and Hope (dang it, Claire should be there as well!!)
  • Caroline gets even more mad at Trent (oooh, scary!), probably after reading Max's farewell letter

Coming Up Next Week (July 21 - 25)

  • It's a Maggie sighting!
  • Kayla and Steve bring Baby Joe home
  • Hope suspects Bo knows more about Paul's case than he's letting on (she's not a Detective for nothing, you know!)

Until next week, happy Days watching!

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Watching Days can be a hazard to your health!  Reading the preview is at your own risk!  Oh, and thanks to Chit Chat Haven for their awesome screencaps!