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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  07.14.08

Lulu and Johnny on the run... he takes her hostage!

His kid is dead... Scotty is going to make someone pay.  Anthony tells Johnny he'll be calling the shots when it comes to handling Logan's death.

Laura's Return... I am still giddy with excitement!  Her return deals with Lulu's storyline but some RUMORS suggest that Laura's return will only involve Lulu.  Could it be that Laura only is back in her daughter's head? According to a fan report from Tyler Christopher's event, only Julie Marie Berman will be working with Genie Francis.  Lulu starts to "see" Logan and Laura.

Spixie Sex... I really hope they don't ruin one of the best duo's in daytime.  Maxie heads to the Penthouse after her "meeting" with ZaCrazy.  She's shaken and turns to Spinelli.  First comes sex, then comes regret.  As I mentioned last week, Jason walks in on the pair.  He's returning home after an encounter with Mac regarding Logan's murder.  It looks like Mac had a forensic's team going over Claudia's car.  Back to Spixie... Maxie tells Spin she doesn't want to ruin the good thing they have going, their friendship.  A dejected Spinelli turns to Leyla.  Remember there are RUMORS of a Leyla-Spinelli hook-up.

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Sonny has some secrets...and it's not that he banged his ex-wife in the back of a limo.   The Russian Mobster hits town this week and wants Sonny to do business.  When Sonny refuses, Karpov makes threats.  Will Sonny help the mobbie take over Port Charles?  Will he keep his new mob ties a secret from his fiance?  RUMORS again say that Kate finds out about the limo sex before the nuptials but the fashionista could be keeping that to herself.  It appears Kate is determined to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos despite anything Carly may do to try to derail it.  BUT what if Kate were to find out about Karpov?  Would the deal be off then? Someone sees Sonny with Karpov...who?  Claudia!

Carly agrees to stay out of Sonny and Kate's business?Yeah, ok.  Well Jax at least seems to think his wife has finally learned to leave it alone.  When Jax threatens to leave, Carly makes the promise to stay clear of Skate. 

Speaking of the new mob man... Jason's got a lot going and IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE about Jake's paternity reveal, even more will be happening for him.  Will he be distracted with a new threat in town?

A few more...

Spixie teams up to find Lulu and Johnny.  Spinelli framing someone for Logan's murder?  That's Carly's plan.  Anthony tells Trevor to find Jason's weakness. Are the RUMORS true?  Will Trevor find out about Jake?  SPOILERS say we'll learn the sex of Robin and Patrick's baby.  When Anna leaves, will Noah stay?  Finolas Hughes will exit once again at the end of the summer, will Rick Springfield stay on with a storyline?

Night Shft tid bits: Robert's Return... it looks like it's a plane crash that sends Robert to the ER and reunites him with his daughter.  Jagger's Back...the FBI agent returns to Port Chuckles with his son.