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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Did I see Claudia put her gun in her car? She had the gun on Jason, then she went over to the side of the car, and it looked like she put it in the passenger window. If she did, that was really dumb, since the police impounded the car, and supposedly checked it out. Of course, since this is the PCPD, they probably wouldn’t have seen the gun, even if it was sitting on the dash.

And really, why would Claudia, supposedly intelligent business woman, use her own car to dispose of the body? Sure she changed the plates, but keeping the car is just dumb. But so is dumping the body in town, and not in the middle of a river somewhere.

Kudos to Kirsten Storms today. Loved her in the Maxie/Anthony scene. She held her own with Bruce Weitz. And I loved her in the Spinelli/Maxie scene. I didn’t realize the truth would come out so soon, so I was glad when she spilled the beans to him.

Well, any goodwill for Carly that I had built up right after Micheal’s shooting is now gone. I cannot believe all the hoops that she has Jax jumping through, for one lousy kiss, when she knows what she and Sonny did in the limo. GAH.

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Loved the Jax/Morgan/karate scene. That kid is too cute.

Kate still annoys me, but I liked the Kate/Sonny/Mike scene.

I’m already tired of the puppy dog/hang dog look that Lulu’s been sporting. Why she’s allowing Johnny to rail road her is beyond me.