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General Hospital: In your face CBS!

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Ok so while I was watching General Hospital I thought for sure I was seeing things when the camera panned onto Claudia's car while Det. Harper was peering inside the driver's side window.


What did I see to make me do a double take? The Emmy that GH won for best show! I had to admit it made me have a giggle about it since The Young and the Restless cast were throwing salt in the wound of the other shows at the Emmy award ceremony by chanting that familiar tune, "We're number one!"

Then when Johnny and Lulu were back at his place what popped up yet again.... THE EMMY! Its the same shtick that GH was famous for last year and they are at it yet again. It’s as if they were playing, "Where's Waldo," only with the Emmy. Just see where you can spot it because the badboy was showing up all over the place. My fav place? The PCPD holding cell! Gotta hand it to the cats at GH, they do know how to get the last laugh and then some…

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