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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.15.08


Johnny and Lulu on the run!  He takes her hostage but how do they get away?  When Harper goes to shoot, Jason pushes the cop forcing him to miss the shot. 

Johnny and Maxie? No, they don't have her earning that twenty grand but the RUMORS say the two may bond over helping Lulu.  With Julie Marie Berman taking some time off to get married next month, this could be a way to give Johnny some story.  Spinelli will be unhappy with Maxie and Johnny's new found friendship.  RUMORS say Lulu MAY be walking in on Maxie and Johnny and she MAY get the wrong idea. 

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What's up with Liason?  One minute they're stalled, the next they were the hush hush storyline at Fan Club Weekend.  So what is happening with the story that has taken two years to tell?  The RUMORS still say that Jake's paternity is revealed to someone.  Possibly a Z and the info may be used to keep Jason from either labeling Lulu as Logan's killer or to protect Claudia and Johnny from Jason's wrath when he learns they were behind the bothced hit on Sonny.  What we'll get seems to be plot points.  Monica will see them together (I'm hoping for a little mother's intuition to kick in) and they'll have a scene in the park.  ZaCrazy tells Trevor to find Jason's weakness and the RUMORED scene of Jason with Elizabeth and Jake on the docks.


Eli Love is a jerk... he'll deny dating Anna because she's a grandma.  Ridiculous I know.  Rick Springfield concurs since most of his fans are grandmas.  Look for Rick to perform on GH as Eli on July 29th.

Spinelli SHOULD be the one to tell Jason who really killed Logan.
  It'll be Maxie who fills him in on all the details.  Who knows the truth?  So far Maxie, Lulu, Johnny and Spinelli know it was Lulu who really killed Logan.  Jason will know the truth soon enough, Claudia thinks Johnny killed him as does Anthony and RUMORS have Carly wanting Spinelli to frame someone for the murder.  Is Carly's plan to get Jason off the suspects list or will Carly find out her cousin was the one with the knife?

Mac and Jerry fight... remember I mentioned they get into it when Jerry wants to know where Alexis is and Mac refuses to tell him?  Not sure if its from the fight with Mac, but Jerry winds up needing medical attention and guess who the doctor is?  Matt Hunter.  Also coming up for Matt, Nadine overhears a phone call the young doc makes.  Who wants to bet the phone call is about counterfiet drugs?