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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I really hope tomorrow is a new “day” in PC land, because I absolutely hate that strange bra/dress that Carly’s been sporting.

When exactly is Crimson going to launch? I feel like they’ve been discussing it for years.

I hate that Kate’s incredibly poor taste and selfishness in wanting the public to think she’s so all that that she’s dating a former mobster and cheating on him with a corporate raider, actually makes Carly look vindicated in what she’s been wanking about.

Loved the Diane/Carly scene. Diane just has this disgusted/distasteful look on her face whenever she’s dealing with Carly and the way she was talking to her, like Carly needs things explained. Love it.

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Hated all the Eli Love/Robin needs to hide her belly junk. I thought we were done with shenanigans when it comes to Scrubs and Anna.

Spixie: Loved how it played out, how she had his clothes off before he had hers. Loved the look on Jason’s face when he walked in and Spin asked him for a few minutes of privacy. Loved Jason telling Spin later on not to feel bad that he’s got a good thing going. Hated that Spin got his heart crushed, even though Maxie didn’t even realize that she crushed it.

Loved that all the Zachara’s told little Luoou-luoou to leave because they didn’t need her there and then she had to leave. Hated Lulu shrieking at Tracy in her freakin’ house. I wished Tracy would take her up on her threat and say, ‘if you want to leave, there’s the door’.

Stupid line of the day #1:

Lulu to Tracy: “Logan’s dead and Johnny’s in jail and I don’t know how to fix it”

Perkie: “Well, confessing might be a good start”

Stupid line #2:

Johnny to Lulu: “There’s no evidence that Logan attacked you”

Perkie: “Well, maybe there would be if you and your stupid sister hadn’t gotten rid of it all”