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Daytime Confidential Top 20, June 2008


Welcome to second edition of the Daytime Confidential's Top 20 soap star ranking. The DC Top 20 is our monthly ranking of each and every current and former soap star we cover here at Daytime Confidential and needless to say this month's ranking has one or two surprises.

Will Vanessa Marcil be able to retain her spot at No. 1 from last month's ranking? Did Days of Our Live's James Scott move up or fall from his spot as the highest ranked non ABC male actor? Were Forbes March and Ambyr Childers able to hang on to their ranking after leaving their respective shows? Does Victoria Rowell still have what it takes to make the Top 20? Which actors were knocked off the list and who had what it took to replace them.


  • No. 20: Erika Slezak One Life to Live
  • No. 19: Jason Thompson General Hospital
  • No. 18: Kimberly McCullough General Hospital
  • No. 17: Josh Duhon General Hospital
  • No. 16: Josh Duhamel All My Children
  • No. 15: Nadia Bjorlin Days of Our Lives
  • No. 14: Caitlin Van Zandt Guiding Light
  • No. 13: Maurice Bernard General Hospital
  • No. 12: Mario Lopez Bold and Beautiful
  • No. 11: Kelly Monaco General Hospital


No. 10: Raya Meddine - Young and Restless - Sabrina Newman (Top 20 Debut)

Like a couple of the stars ranked on the DC Top 20 Raya Meddine was nowhere to be seen on last month's ranking. However, her appearence isn't much of a surprise considering rumors were everywhere most of the last month that the actress may be leaving The Young and the Restless. Between the rumors and some arguably questionable fashion sense Raya Meddine seems to have sparked Daytime Confidential reader's interest.


No. 9: Jason Cook - General Hospital - Dr. Matt Hunter (Top 20 Debut)

One month ago Jason Cook didn't even appear in the DC Top 20 or within the Top 50 stars we keep an eye on. We knew that given his history on Days of Our Lives as Shawn Brady and being repaired with Kirsten Storms there was a good chance that when he debuted as Dr. Matt Hunter on General Hospital Jason Cook would return to daytime as popular as ever. Turns out we were right. Of course it didn't hurt that anyone and everyone who had watched him as Shawn on Days of Our Lives wanted to find out more after seeing him for the first time with a beard.


No. 8: Rebecca Herbst - General Hospital - Elizabeth Webber (Up Two)

Moving up two spots from last months ranking Rebecca Herbst's popularity amongst Daytime Confidential readers remains firmly in tact. Unlike Scrub's Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough who both dropped in the ranking, both Liason actors moved up in the DC Top 20. Is it possible that because there was so little focus on Liason this last month that fans are searching for anything they can find online? OR could the rumors that Jake's paternity is going to be revealed this month be helping Herbst and Burton?


No. 7: Katherine Kelly Lang - Bold and Beautiful - Brooke Logan (Up Four)

It should come as no surprise that Katherine Kelly Lang would appear so high on the DC Top 20 considering The Bold and the Beautiful star's character Brooke is such a temptress and ever popular with the #2 soap's fans.  Can she keep on her upward track and become the first non ABC star to claim the No. 1 spot on the DC Top 20? 

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No. 6: Beth Ehlers - All My Children - Taylor McBride (Down Five)

Call this the lull between the storm. Last month former Guiding Light star and soon to be All My Children star Beth Ehlers was riding a wave of publicity surrounding her decision to leave GL and CBS for ABC's All My Children. Ehlers dropped five spots last month as viewers and fans adjusted to the news. It will be interesting to see if Ehlers can climb back up in the ranking after her debut on All My Children later this summer.


No. 5: Farah Fath - One Life to Live - Gigi Morasco (Up Eight)

One Life to Live's
Farah Fath was the biggest mover on the DC Top 20. Fath shot up eight spots to No. 5 from last month's list. One has to wonder if her appearance with John-Paul Lavoiser at the Emmys, her popular Emmy red carpet fashion sense and the fact that her One Life to Live character Gigi seems to be growing in popularity has helped her climb so quickly in the ranking.


No. 4: Kirsten Storms - General Hospital - Maxie Jones (Up Seven)

She may not have moved up quite as many notches as Farah Fath but General Hospital's Kirsten Storms edged out her former Days of Our Lives co-star on our list.

If Kirsten Storms and Farah Fath's popularity is as high with the public as they are with Daytime Confidential's readers one has to wonder if Brian Frons doesn't pat himself on the back every day for stealing them away from NBC.


No. 3 Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital - Brenda Barrett  (Down Two)

When we debuted the DC Top 20 last month Vanessa Marcil's ranking at No. 1 was not much of a surprise given her long standing popularity on the covers of the soap magazines and as rumors continued to swirl about a possible return to General Hospital this fall. Even though she wasn't able to hold her spot at No. 1 the fact that she only fell to No. 3 is quite impressive.


No. 2: Steve Burton - General Hospital - Jason Morgan (Up Three)

General Hospital's Steve Burton is without question, the most popular male actor according to Daytime Confidential readers. Last month he appeared at No. 5 and now he's within striking distance of No. 1. It will be very interesting to see if he can claim the No. 1 spot next month or if another star surprises us at No. 1 like they did this month.

No. 1: Sarah Michelle Gellar - All My Children - Kendall Hart (Debut)


We'll be honest, this one came out of nowhere. Sarah Michelle Gellar's appearance on the DC Top 20 and knocking Vanessa Marcil out of the No. 1 spot in her debut when she wasn't even in the top fifty in June is more than a little baffling. However,according to the raw data from your clicks the All My Children alum was without question the most clicked on star at Daytime Confidential.

Congrats to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Further Analysis

All My Children star Rebecca Budig just missed out on the Top 20, moving up to No. 21 from No. 45. Days of Our Lives' James Scott dropped out of the Top 20, falling to No. 32 just below TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco who appeared on the list at No. 31. Days of Our Lives' Shawn Christian stalled at out at No. 37 which is the exact same spot he held in June's ranking. John Enos who hasn't appeared on a soap since his 2005 departure from The Young and the Restless remains popular coming in at No. 42. As the World Turns' Jake Silbermann notched a spot at No. 49 just above All My Children's Thorsten Kaye who appears at No. 50.