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Wishful Producing: A Nick and Amber Romp on Y&R???

Is it just me or was there a bit of a spark between trust fund kid-turned-publisher Nick Newman and a distraught Amber this week on The Young and the Restless?


Nick briefly comforted the petite bombshell when her latest sexual mistake-sleeping with Korbel-blew up in her face costing her Daniel. I can't help but go...what if???

It's been a long time since Nick strayed and the fact that it was his wife Phyllis's machinations that resulted in Amber sleeping with Korbel, I think payback should come in the form of a little platinum bitch named Amber!

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Can you imagine the heat that would transpire between the once-randy Newman scion and Amber, a woman who has made an artform out of bedding preppy studs who think with what's in their Calvins on both Bell soaps?

Throw in the potential explosive reaction once Phyllis learned the truth and this storyline could prove hella good and cement Phyllis vs. Amber as the show's next great rivalry.