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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.17.08


I mentioned that Karpov knows someone already in town.  Everyone speculated and RUMORS seemed to confirm that it was either Jerry or Claudia.  What if the speculation caused the RUMORS?  The latest?  Sam knows the Russian Mobster and he's got a proposition for the former con-woman.  I'm still seeing the possibility of Jerry and Claudia knowing him as well.  Hey, those mobsters stick together.  Will Sonny go into business with Karpov?  It looks like that may happen as RUMORS suggest the two become friends and Karpov has a business offer for the retired godfather.  Also out there... that proposition for Sam, Sonny may be shooting it down and Karpov may know Matt too.  This new mobbie gets around as RUMORS also suggest he knows Nikolas (which actually makes the most sense) and ZaCrazy.

What will Sonny's association with the new mobster be?  As an advisor.  Claudia warns Sonny to stay away from Karpov.  She'll tell him that Jason will not like it and asks him if his back in the mob business.

I mentioned in the RANDOM RUMORS yesterday that Nadine may be killed off.  I really enjoy Claire Coffee so I am hoping it stays in the RUMOR file.  BUT, with every RUMOR comes more details and it looks like IF Nadine bites it, Matt is the one sending her packing.  Remember, Nadine will be looking into the phony drugs and listening in on a phone call of Dr. Hunter's. Will Matt and Nadine go on a date?  According to SPOILERS they do and this may just be a way for the nurse to get closer to the dirty doc. 

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More on Lovers on the Run... once Johnny takes Lulu "hostage", the latest SPOILERS say they pair carjacks Mayor Floyd to secure a get away car.  Nikolas and Lucky talk about their sis and compare her to Laura.

Kate shoots and she scores!  It looks like Carly may have finally met her match.  The return of Clarice is no accident, accessories editior my butt!  Kate has her former assistant dig some dirt up on Carly and whatever it is, Jax moves out! 


The Jackal is a busy man.  Having sex with Maxie, drowning his sorrows, finding a shoulder to cry on in Leyla, framing someone for murder at Carly's request and now Claudia wants Spinelli to find Lulu and Johnny.  I love me some Spinelli but I must agree with many of our posters, too much of a good thing, is still too much.  Maximista and Vixenella get into it over Spinelli and this MAY BE when Maxie spills the twenty thousand dollar deal. 

Everyone's looking for Lulu.  Nikolas heads to his ex-brother-in-law in hopes that Jason can help locate his baby sister.

Scotty's back and finding out his son is dead.