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A Message from Tristan Rogers


Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, GH, Night Shift) has a message for his fans on his official message board.  He wanted to thank the fans who attended FCW at the Sportsmans Lodge and offer a bit of an apology for the quick visit and poor time management.  Tristan also talks about Night Shift and his return.

Personally, the best part was listening to all the "up beat" remarks about NS. I am always hesitant to fuel speculation. And NS already has enough surrounding it for 3 shows. But it is great to hear the enthuisiasm . I think NS has taken the right path in its handling of promos. The rest is now in the hands of the fans. I stated in an interview that "things were the same, but different". I stand by that statement. For me personally, the "vibe" is way different. I guess that comes from two different people looking at the same subject. But I feel very uplifted and after shooting my first show, think you are in for some excellent entertainment. In any case I will be most interested in hearing all the comments that are bound to come in.

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