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Young and Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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Looks like Hogan Sheffer wants the soap world to take notice of his return and boy does he ever! Fasten your seatbelts because Hoagie ;) does it with a BANG on TheYoung and the Restless!


Jill decides she’s going to do a takeover of Jabot. We all know this will lead to the bitchiness that is Kay and Jill’s relationship. Oh how I missed that!

Michael: his father will be hitting town very soon and the folks over at Y&R are being a bit tight lipped on who is being cast in that role.

Jack: after the fallout of the latest edition of Restless Style, Jack has has a battle with his conscience. 

Ji-Min's killer will finally be revealed.

Now if you haven’t read the latest Soap Opera Weekly,I told you  Senior VP of CBS Daytime Barbara Bloom gave a smidge of info on what’s to come. Here’s what else she had to say:

Kevin and Jana’s wedding goes down next month.

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Even though Victor’s breathing fire and wants Restless Style to burn, the magazine will be a major hit and that will piss him off. You think Jack’s still feeling guilty?

Sharon vs. Phyllis will commence once again.

Now what you will see play out tomorrow and next week.

Fuming mad about the magazine article, Victor decides enough is enough and boots Nick and Victoria out of his will. Not only does he disinherit them, he also kicks Nick off the ranch!

Sabrina becomes horrified at how her new hubby is treating his family and asks him that burning question: If their child disappoints him will he decide to turn on him or her too? Victor comforts her by saying he would never do that to their child which soothes her. Victor’s conscience gets the best of him and after has time to think about his harsh treatment of his son, he tells Nick he can stay on at the ranch, however Nick’s not hearing that! In the weeks to come, Victor finds out some things about his new bride that changes their relationship.

Spotlight: David and Nikki

Paul’s P.I. skills are paying off like gangbusters and not in a good way for Nikki and especially David. Paul finds out that David’s real name is Angelo Serafino and tells good pal Nikki abou. Nikki then confronts her new hubby. Realizing that his house of cards is starting to collapse, David decides its truth time once again and fills her in about his past.

It seems Angelo Serafino grew up in a rough neighborhood where a life of crime was the norm.  David decided that the life wasn’t for him, so he changed his identity. David wanted to forget about his roots and never wanted Nikki to know about them either.

Nikki understands her husband’s plight since she too grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, however she's had enough of his nonsense and decides to pull the plug on their marriage!

Being the social diva that she is, Nikki decides to keep up the façade of a happy couple until after the gala,  but after that he’s history. Nikki throws David a bone by attending the gala with him.

Frantic to keep his marriage in tact, David does the unthinkable and contacts an old friend of his to get his hands on some liquid morphine he intends to use on Nikki! You would think that’s his only problem, but David needs to keep his eyes on his loan shark Walter, seems the shady character’s keeping tabs on David and Nikki.

Meanwhile Paul finds out that Walter is has some shady things in his background as well.  Walter is wanted by the feds for racketeering and murder! Paul thinks that David and Walter are mobbed up and does more digging, only to find a picture of Ji-Min and Walter with David in the background!  Paul puts two and two together and realizes David and Walter may have had a hand in Mr. Kim’s demise.