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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I like the Lucky/Sam/Nik/drug investigating story, but I object to Nadine being a part of it. Nothing against Nadine, I like the character, but Liz should totally be the fourth person in that quad. What has Becky Herbst done that they’ve tossed her on the back burner heap in favour of others?

I like the Lucky/Sam fake fight and totally called it that they were faking even though Sam was seriously working it and I loved their cute couch scene at the end.

Why exactly was Dr Hairy Annoying and Liz, diagnosing and prescribing Jerry in the middle of the hallway? Didn’t he get examined in one of the rooms? I get that it was a plot point to have Dr Annoying and Jerry overhear the LuSam fight, but geez, make it more sensible than that. Have the LuSam fight in the doorway of the examination room or something. Don’t bring the doctor and patient out in the waiting room.

I still don’t understand the logic of Johnny’s plan. He’s taking the blame because he thinks Scotty will railroad Lulu, but won’t Scott now railroad him? Am I missing something here?

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Also, things are bound to get messed up, considering Johnny, Maxie, Lulu, Spinelli and Jason have one version of the story while Johnny, Claudia, Anthony and the Lansings have another.

Am I the only one grossed out by Jason’s couch? Has that thing ever been steam cleaned, because by my count Jason/Courtney, Jason/Sam, Jason/Liz and now Maxie/Spin have done the deed on it. They can make one of those Lysol commercials, with the little bugs on surfaces, with that thing.

Jax/Kate: Eh, so he’s a brilliant businessman and her company would fail without the big strong man to help it. Whatever.

Carly/Jax: Jax needs to buy a clue, because the instant Carly was all agreeable, he should have smelled a rat and called her on it. Jax honey, your wife never gives in quite that easily.

Oooh Lulu with a gun. Oh the suspense. Whatever will she do with it? I’m betting she’ll scream at it because it’s trying to help her.