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Are You Enjoying What "GH" is Cooking?

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I was reading Regan's wonderful General Hospital Spoilers and Scoop for today and I noticed in the comments that many of our readers expressed disappointment in Jason Cook's introduction as Dr. Matt Hunter on General Hospital. Here are a couple of our readers comments.

Christy-Delancy wrote:"Matt has not grown on me yet and I am doubting he will. He hasn't had enough time on screen yet, but I already don't care for him."

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Aunti23gl wrote:"Yeh this Matt guy isn't growing on me either...I'm not big on newbies I guess only because I wish they'd concentrate on the actors/characters they have, esp the vets aka the underused. As for his beard, I think it was to make him look older, because I'm sure some (possibly) watched Days and would still see him as Shawn D - Bo and Hopes kid. At least that's what I think..."

So what do you think? Has General Hospital botched Jason Cook's introduction as Dr. Matt? Are you enjoying his knew character or are you having a hard time warming up to or caring about the character?

What do you think?