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Days of our Lives: What's Next for Sami?


Days of our Lives' Samantha Brady knows how to make an impact. Ever since she was a teenager she has done horrible things to people to further her own agenda. Blackmail, seduction or a little shotgun castration is all in a day's work for this fan favorite. Sadly, Sami has not been herself, much to the consternation of those who love to watch a villainess in action. Sami's life over the last few years has been frought with tears. After four (yes four) annullments, what's a girl to do?

Unexpected children complicate relationships, but the downside is the lifelong bond to the father(s). Sami is trapped in the DiMera mansion and I can't help but feel this character is at a crossroads. She hangs on to Lucas like grim death. I can't imagine she is really in love with him. She denies her attraction to EJ, but is angered by the fact that he slept with another woman. She's on a perpetual roller coaster of indecision. Not the kind of woman who has always gone after what she wants.

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Over the past several weeks, it seems as though others around her have no trouble calling her out on her faults. Lucas branded her a whore while Nicole and Chloe label her selfish for her treatment of the men in her life. She leaves them both hanging while she tries to figure out who she wants and expects them both to wait.  Will is barely an afterthought as she struggles with the twins' fathers.

It wasn't until Sami stepped up and threatened to move out that I saw that old spark. I know she and EJ have their fans, but after watching this domesticated version of him, I find them a bit dull. They're better when they fight, and they both fight dirty. Now that EJ decreed she cannot leave, what is next for Sami? What direction will she take? Was the flashback a foreshadowing of what's to come? Too many questions, not so many answers. I know I like the fighter. It's hard to watch her and NOT want her to be bad. I sometimes wish she wasn't saddled with children because she will get it from both EJ and Lucas and I'm not up for endless custody battles. Nicole and Chloe gave her back her snark and living in the DiMera mansion with John has created some great interaction, but I can't help but think she needs more.