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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.18.08


On the run from the law because you killed your ex-boyfriend? Good thing your current boyfriend is running with you so you can have sex.  After calming Lulu down, the couple hit the sheets or whatever surface they're having sex on. 

Will the truth be revealed?  No I'm not talking about Jake's paternity, I'm talking about Lulu!  Will Johnny be forced to tell the truth to get Lulu some help?  That's the latest RUMOR out there.  So much for the summer murder mystery.  Is it really a mystery when we know it was Lulu who killed Logan and so far too many PC residents know for it to be a real mystery?  So what has Johnny telling?  According to these RUMORS, Johnny sees how fragile Lulu is becoming and realizes that she is seeing things/people.  Left with no other choice, he needs to get her some help and it seems that telling the truth may be the only way. 

Tracy sighting!  The current Mrs. Spencer and Nikolas will have a scene concerning Lulu and Tracy will tell Nik, Lulu stole Edward's gun.

Oh Carly... if you just wouldn't scheme, you wouldn't have to save your marriage.  Whatever Carly tries to do next to Kate, she gets busted for.  Do any of Carly's plans ever work? 


Smoke and Mirrors?  Karpov approaches Sonny with a proposition to team up.  RUMORS yesterday suggested that Sonny becomes an advisor for the new mobbie.   Is Sonny faking?  He takes the new threat to Jason who doesn't pay Sonny too much attention, he's not in charge anymore.  Will Sonny pretend to be on Karpov's team to protect Jason? RUMORS say Sonny plays Karpov by telling him he wants the power back and Jason won't return his business. I mentioned a few days back that Kate will learn that Sonny is not out of the business thanks to his "deal" with Karpov.  Will Sonny fill his fiance in on what is really going on?  RUMORS seem to point to yes!  He MAY BE telling Kate the truth and assure her it's to keep them all safe.

Is Jerry behind the counterfeit drugs?  Remember we talked about who was moving money in Ian Devlin's account and how its possibly Jerry due to the "insurance policy" Ian claimed to have should anything happen to him.  Well if Jerry took over for Ian in moving the drugs, maybe the person holding the insurance policy didn't care too much.  Not sure if that's how it'll exactly play out or if the connection back to Ian will be discussed as GH is notorious for thinking the fans won't remember plot points but the drugs start to affect Jerry when Alexis gets sick and is prescribed medication that is not working. 

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Sam's role?  After the fake break up yesterday Sam may just find herself getting into the counterfeit drug biz.  She may uncover Jerry's part in all this but it SHOULD go beyond Jerry and I would ASSUME has to do with the mob.  Did the break up really fool anyone?  Enough to get Sam in the door so to speak, but Lucky's still a cop and his interest does not go unnoticed.  RUMORS say Sam will soon hear that Detective Spencer is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Sonny coming to Claudia's rescue? More LL2?  Here are the RANDOM RUMORS...


Sonny comes to Claudia's aid when ZaCrazy lays into her in public.  Lucky asks Elizabeth if she's heard from Lulu.  Jason and Elizabeth discuss Lulu and Lucky thinks Elizabeth may know something because of Jason.

Remember to check the comments... if you didn't, this is what you missed yesterday!

MORE SCOOP and for those of you that were asking... It starts with a little  LIASON SCOOP!

Monica sees Jason with Elizabeth
in the park and just as I hoped/expected a mother knows her children. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Monica realizes Jake is her grandson but she does take notice of Jason's feelings for Elizabeth and her boys. RUMORS have another Monica scene with just Jason happening where his feelings for Elizabeth are discussed.

The LL2 scenes I mentioned... well they're just Liz and Lucky talking about Lulu and comparing her to Laura... like we need another pair conversing about this... anyways, Sam is impressed with Elizabeth's concern and thanks her for it.


Nadine... is it possible that Claire Coffee is filming her last scenes today? OR are we victims of false info dropping? The latest RUMOR to go across my screen is that the actress' last day is today.

Cody's back... is he working for Jason?

More Spinelli being Maxie's shoulder to fall apart on.

Johnny has their run all planned out?
But how, it was all Lulu's idea and he was thrown in lock up quickly after??? They hide out in his piano teacher's old pad. Teach is dead. Remember, two new characters come on to help with the story.