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Your Question: Will Denise Alexander Return?

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Daytime Confidential receives a lot of emails from readers and listeners asking questions about their favorite soaps. Because of the volume we aren't able to respond to each email individually but occasionally we are able to respond to them here on the blog.


Today's question comes from Daytime Confidential reader Sandy about the anticipated return of Genie Francis to General Hospital. Here at Daytime Confidential Regan writes some great General Hospital Spoilers so I asked her to respond to Sandy's question.

Sandy: Does anyone know if Denise Alexander is returning to GH when Genie Francis does?

To the best of our knowledge, no, Denise Alexander is not returning.  When the news of Genie's return was first reported, we started digging for details of her return.

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At first it looked like Genie would only interact with Lulu, Laura's daughter to help tell the story of Logan's Murder, Lulu's slip from sanity and of course the comparison from mother to daughter.  Now there may be more to the story!  

RUMORS suggest that Tony Geary may even cut his vacation short to film some scenes with Genie and what was RUMORED to be a visit from Laura only in Lulu's head may be Laura coming out of her catatonic state. Please take this all with a giant grain of salt as Genie's scenes are not scheduled to start airing until August 26th.

However, don't expect to see any Laura and Nikolas scenes. According to Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) at FCW, he was not working with Genie, only Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) would tape scenes with the daytime legend.  Fans at Tyler's event said he was disappointed that he would not be working with his onscreen mom.

So there you have it
Sandy. I hope Regan's response helps to answer your question. One word of caution though, never say never when it comes to soaps. They always have something up their sleeves.