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"Fun, Colorful, Compelling Prostitutes"

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Daytime Confidential ABC podcast contributor Belinda has a new column up at Eye on Soaps. In this week's column she delves into All My Children's history with it's protistute storylines, why she wants more of One Life to Live's Markko and Langston and her thoughts on Genie Francis' short return to General Hospital. Here's a preview.

Still loving the Hubbard’s although I’m thinking Angie could get on my last nerve with her incessant whining. All My Children has a grand old tradition of writing fun, colorful, compelling prostitute stories so maybe Frankie-Quentin and his hooker have some potential. I hope so. It’s been a long time since Tuttle ran the roads in Pine Valley and he was a really interesting, faceted, white trash character. With the improvements I’ve noticed on All My Children at least right now I can hope for good things to come.

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