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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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So basically, Anna slept with both Noah and Eli?? Last summer, wasn’t there an implication that she had slept with Noah, and Robin and Patrick were all grossed out that their parents were doing the deed. And now, by her conversation with Robin, it seems she and Eli have been hitting the sheets as well. Is it icky to anyone else that Anna would sleep with two guys who look exactly the same? No? Just me then.

I liked Noah’s explanation as to why he can’t inhabit Eli’s life anymore. At least he recognizes that as an alcoholic, he has to stay away from those temptations. RS really sold that for me, although the more emotional his scenes are, the more you hear the accent come out! And I’m seriously glad that they aren’t going there again this summer.

Carly/Claudia: Ok, I missed the first couple of minutes of the show (apparently I’m not multi talented enough to do twelve things at the same as I watch in real time!!), so I was confused that they were sitting down having a perfectly normal conversation. I did laugh when Jax showed up and Claudia basically told him what Carly was planning. I don’t think Carly expected her to spill the beans since she’s used to people like Jason not talking and going along with her zany plaaanns.

I’m not sure how I feel about Kate’s latest plan. In a way, I’m sort of impressed that she’s lowered herself to Carly’s level, but in another way, I’m disgusted that she’s lowered herself to Carly’s level.

I can’t stand Sonny and I’m not a fan of the mobs, so I’m not amused that we have yet another mobster on the scene. And please, is Sonny really all that big a deal that an international mobster would seek him out. There aren’t bigger kingpins out there, say, in New York or LA?

And, I was annoyed that they’ve tossed Claudia into this story. She happens to be at the restaurant. She happens to know Karpov from previous dealings. So she shows up at Sonny’s to warn him. Whatever. I’m getting the feeling the writers don’t know what to do with Ms Zachara now.

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**My obs and I will be on holidays next week. The obs will return to their regularly schedule programming the following week**