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Colby Chandler an alcoholic?

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As we are all aware, Colby Chandler and her buddies are involved some how in the death of Richie Novak. It appears to this viewer, he was already dead thanks to Richie's loving sister, Annie Lavery. Hopefully, this debacle of a story will all end soon once the awesome Chief Jesse Hubbard makes the arrest! 

But back to Colby, the product of Adam Chandler and Liza Colby, an alcoholic? Big brother JR pointed out to her that she might just have a problem with the bottle. Colby of course denies it as JR ran down the list of those in the family who have this issue. Unfortunately, we saw her hitting the vodka bottle before noon! 

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I personally will find it a big disappointment if she does turn into an alcoholic. I am hoping that this was one time thing and that Colby can turn into a schemer like her mother, Liza and grandmother, Marian.

Can't you just see it now? Colby uses Pete ala Liza style, to get him to 'forget' that he saw blood on her car. Yes we all know that Adam is blackmailing Pete but I like my version better. Liza always took matters into her own hands and sure she sometimes had help from her mommy but I would really like to see Colby take a page from her mother's book.

Maybe Mr. Pratt will think the same way I do! I know wishful thinking.