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Wishful Producing: Jamey's Dream OLTL Spinoff

Okay it's time for the most awaited sequel since Batman: The Dark Knight. Okay, not quite. Naked Gun 2 and a 1/2? No?


News that Brian Frons is planning a possible spinoff of the amazingly-rejuvenated One Life to Live for SOAPnet inspired me to continue my Dream Soap Spinoffs series. So in honor of this awesomely-soapy development, today I will focus on OLTL.

One Life to Live:A Starr is Born


Reeling from her breakup from Cole and the bittersweet pain she feels after giving her baby to the McBains, Starr channels her pain into music. Langston convinces her perform her songs on a You Tube-esque video sharing site. Starr is reluctant at first, but before long she is actually having fun and feeling like her old self and her show is a fast hit on the web!

It isn't long before a hot shot New York record producer Jared Slade (played by Sean Kanan, Matthew Crane or Tom Eplin, take your pick!) turns up at La Boulaie wanting to sign Starr to a recording contract (Look for major sparks between Jared and Blair).  If you think one stage parent was bad, try three ! Todd, Blair and Dorian all weigh in on Starr's potential musical future, but ultimately the choice is Starr's.

Starr visits Cole, who tells her she should follow her dreams. Starr tells Cole she will stay in Llanview if there is a chance for them to get back together. Cole tells her there isn't. Starr isn't convinced.

Cole and Langston come up with a plan to convince Starr to follow her dreams, even though Cole wants nothing more than to reunite with Starr. Enter Britney. Cole and Langston enlist Llanview's mini-mean girl to help convince Starr to forget about Cole. Britney asks, 'What's in it for her?' Cole does the unthinkable and promises to sleep with Britney.

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The teens set it up for Starr to walk in on Cole and Britney having sex. A devastated Starr informs Blair she wants to leave for New York with Jared the next day-A Starr is Born.

The soap would be a 13-week summer series focusing on Starr's new life in NYC, with Langston along for the ride as her personal assistant. Blair would also be a series regular, as her love/hate relationship with Jared would draw an older audience. Todd, Dorian and Cole would all guest star.

In the Big Apple Starr contends with Aurora, a jealous one-named twentysomething pop diva, Aurora's boyfriend, C-Sizzle, a hot R&B star who takes an instant liking to Starr following a sexy duet and Dominique Veracruz (Wendy Moniz), a vicious image consult who makes Britney look like a kitten. Dominique, who once dated Jared, plans to sex up Starr's image by planning a revealing photo shoot with a top Manhattan magazine.

As Starr's career begins to take off, Aurora hires a sleazy P.I. to dig up dirt on Starr. The P.I. learns of Starr's past, including the baby and her psychotic father. He passes on the information to Aurora who spreads the news making Starr the talk of the blogosphere. Is Starr strong enough to stand the pressure? Stay tuned!

I know the buzz about the potential spinoff has mentioned SOAPnet possibly following the John McBain character on a case, but with all due respect, that would be a huge mistake!

Soap fans are sick to death of the genre's attempts at crime storylines. Primetime does this sort of thing so much better than daytime, so SOAPnet and OLTL should think more in terms of what daytime does best, character driven storytelling when contemplating a spinoff.

A series featuring the show's promising teen heroine would make much more since demographically. Look at the success of such shows as iCarly and Degrassi High: The Next Generation?

By focusing on Starr, SOAPnet could draw in a cult following among teens and tweens that would possibly follow Starr back to the parent soap once the series runs its course. Just think of the possible teen book tie-ins and immediate syndication opportunities with SOAPnet's younger skewing ABC Family. Starr could become daytime's hipper, sleeker answer to Mylie Cyrus and her Hannah Montana franchise.

When it comes to a OLTL spinoff, Starr Manning and Kirsten Alderson get my vote hands down! Check back later in the week for my Dream Spinoffs for General Hospital, As The World Turns and Guiding Light.