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BREAKING NEWS: It's Official, Shannen Doherty Returns for "90210"

It looks like Shannen Doherty has wisely decided to reprise her career-making role as Brenda Walsh for the upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 update-this time simply titled 90210- for The CW next fall.


Doherty has been in talks with the spinoff's producers for weeks, but now both Entertainment Weeky's Michael Ausiello and Perez Hilton are confirming that the baddest chick ever to order a BLT at the Peach Pit (sorry Tiff Amber) is indeed in!

The storyline will have Brenda, now a famous director, returning to stage a musical at good old West Bev. In the words of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds, tell me more! Tell me more!

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As skeptical as I am about the full court press to basically convince every original alum of the Class of '93 to return for the new show, I have to admit I am pretty pumped at the thought of a Brenda/Kelly smackdown/reunion. These original frenemies will definitely show the Blairs and Serenas of the world a thing or three and that's precisely what the struggling CW is hoping for.